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One of the toughest parts of social networks are finding people who share interests with you. That's what's made SPORTS so much fun to date is that everyone participating has a tie and common ground between one another.

We want to strengthen those ties by allowing you to not only find people who care about the same sport as you but also share the same team bonds with you. That's why we are happy to introduce a new, deeper tag categorization that goes all the way down to your favorite leagues.

New Sidebar

As you can see in the image on the right there are now sub level tags shown. This allows us to keep each sports as the top level tags while sub-level tags can be tied into an associated sports or leagues.

This will still allow discussion to occur under #football but opens a new range of topics when including #leagueplay. The means that your post will not only show under the top level football header but could also tie a bit deeper down to be classified as being about league football over tournament football. This will make it much easier to focus on your favorite Premier League news during world cup season.

Speaking of Premier League maybe that's more of the focus of your post. If you click on #leagueplay now you notice the sidebar behaves dynamically changing down a level to showcase new sidebar options. Now you can make sure your post is tagged #football #leagueplay #premierleague then your post will show in all football related columns down to the Premier League section. This is great for a wider focus look at a league where you may be covering multiple teams.

What if you're not though. What if you'd instead prefer to only read about your specific team? Now you can! Just follow down through the league and click your team from the sidebar. Once you do you should begin to see posts that only deal with your favorite team/club.

I've always felt like sports teams were families in a way. Now you can find members of your family that you may have never known existed on Steem.

To write a post that goes all the way down to your team you only need to include your favorite team's tag. That will make sure its at least posted in your team's tag. I'd also recommend including tags the rest of the way up so that it can appear in a wider range of pages. This will not only help your visibility but may also help fans find other fans while searching through the wider league views.

Categorization Help

We're still finalizing all of the tags. If you've seen tags that are listed in the sidebar but the Steem community have already been using a different tag for your team/league then please let me know in the comments below. We don't want to reinvent the wheel so if your team has a community here let's keep them all together and welcome everyone to the SPORTS community!

Thank You Steem Community!

I want to share something very special to me with everyone who reads this. The Steem community rocks! Shortly after creating this tribe a user reached out to me and started offering to help in various ways. Not seeking financial benefit but rather they liked the idea and wanted to help. You don't find that just anywhere!

All of the changes you're reading above come from that same user that reached out early on. @voltair has been instrumental in helping the community grow and have the features we need to really make this place something special. Thank you to all of you who've contributed! This couldn't have been done without you!


Great addition! This enables users to easily find what’s they are searching for.

i saw it last night (asia timezone). i feel that it is better than steemit too much.
Thanks for your hard work.

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Great to see this platform getting better , Keep up the good work

great news! it's great to see how this community is evolving. and we are only at the beginning!

Wonderful, our community is growing day by day and each day it becomes even more interesting. This kind of inniatiative will give members a great millage to share as per their common interests. Well done sportstalksocial community.

I would also wish you could look at my recent post and see how I have used sports and steem to improve people lives.

It would be appropriate to support the small users who are interested in growing with this project and not focus on the great whales, it is not to judge, but in the vast majority they have only achieved a great corruption of money laundering within Steemit , this is again like the first dream of Ned!

Now we know exactly which tag to use and if we want to read articles about a specific sport, we know how to find that on SportsTalkSocial. You're doing a great job!

Sports on!

Hope Wel is going well for all LOVERS 💏

Interesting to see such platform updates! Keep them comng

Congratulations 🎊

hope this becomes great....I would use to write on scorum

The new sidebar is super!!
But i miss football leagueplay "german bundesliga" :-)

best regards


really a great job, it's nice that in 15 days we can find continuous updates, thanks for your work and long life to sportstalk

I saw yesterday and it's a great idea. It make simple choose tag.
Everyday is getting big and better this sportstalk tribe.

That's wonderful. Less time for searching and more time to enjoy one's favorite categories, topics and posts.

I agree with @honoru, these type of categorization, and sub-categorization, and then further sub-categorization is even no available on Steemit, neither on any other platform on Steem.

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Looking good!

sportstalk is growing!!

giphy (5).gif

Can you add the bodybuilding, fitness tag?

Brilliant stuff man!

Loving this addition and can't wait to see what else this platform has planned.

We should have an entire tag dedicated to the great Toronto Raptors, 2019 NBA champions....And all other NBA news under it LOLOLOLOL....But then again I'm biased lol

Better now! Keep going and improving 👍

sportstalk is doing a lot for the steem blockchain....some users that were inactive are becoming active to post about sports....and I believe it will bring a lot of sports fans to steem and to the cryptoworld in general...congrats

@sportstalksocial wow that's nice keep up the good work and it will bring this token to the moon. I will be waiting for the same.

I recently noticed this change and I love it, I didn't even know this was possible, I'm so glad tribes are here and exploring new options we've never seen before :)

Will have to steal this option for my tribe one day

Thank you for creating this platform!
I started to use @sportstalksocial two days ago and I'm happy to share my fitness and dance videos here. Is it possible to add #dance and #fitness tags too?
I hold 5,000 SPORTS POWER now.