I am in: Sportstalk Referee Election

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Hi everyone.

The growth of Sportstalksocial platform is promising. And for sure, we need a good environment and community. We need to fight to reduce [spamming, plagiarism, hate speech, vote farming, own comment voting and other abuse] to zero.


I am @razackpulo.sport, will get into the referee election. If you see me able to do the task, you could vote me as one of referee candidate.

I am easy going man, I like to discuss anything about on how to run this platform better for everyone. In my opinion, we should work together and get involved to make Sportstalksocial become our home. So we should follow the community rules. If you are new here, dont’s hesitate to ask as many as questions in Sportstalksocial Discord channel to make you feel comfortable in Sportstalksocial community.

But, if I find non cooperative accounts, I have no doubt to downvote their posts using my 100% power.

I will be trying to do my best for Sportstalksocial community.

If you would like to vote me as a referee, just vote for @referee10, as I work under the account.

How to vote a referee? Please visit this site: Referee Election Site


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Good luck on the election. I think I commented on your other post already, but I do wish you the best of luck. It looks like you are going to be solidly in the position to help out. My fate is still undecided I think.

Thanks you @bozz.sports. I believe you will in.. :)

Sir, @razackpulo.sport

Good sundays. I thank you for your support and good contents. I'm so happy to know you.

Please tell me how I can vote for you.

Best Regards

Edit : Sir, I looked at this link. https://referee.sportstalk.social . But I didn't see your name on the list.

I resteemed this post. Good luck

Hi @cocukgelisimi. Thank you for your support. Please vote @referee10. I am working under the account. :)

Have a nice day..

Ok sir, @razackpulo.sport. I voted now. Good luck. Have a nice day :)

Not yet voted by @cocukgelisimi :)
You click “vote”, then follow the instruction :)


Sorry boss :)

Ok I suppose I did. Please check it sir @razackpulo.sport

What you need to do is repost this post from your referee 10 account. This then needs to be verified going through discord and then you are officially registered.

Thank you. I have already posted through referee 10

Very nice thing you are going to do in order to make sports talk social unique. We need only quality contents with a complimentary spam free voting system.

Wish you many wishes for the election