Gracious Running

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I remember a time when I struggled to complete the 5k, just finishing, no matter the time, was quite an achievement.

The ease which I've been running lately is a testament to how much improvement we can attain with a little consistency. Fun fact is I only train twice a week because of time, yet the improvements are remarkable.

Today's run was dedicated to late Actor 'Chadwick Bossman' who battled cancer silently for 4 years. Just goes to show that we really may not know the struggles that the next person has to face.

Wakanda forever.


I finally got back to climbing recently. At my age I was expecting improvement to be very slow, but it's been faster than I thought. It's amazing what a little consistency can do. Bravo!

So sad about Chadwick. 😢

Not a bad pace!

I've found I can make gains on twice a week, it gives your body plenty of time to recover after all!

I know right? The minimum I read when Starting out was 3 times but it's really been the best of both Worlds running just twice

You just have to learn what feels right and stick with it!

No harm in mixing it up every now and then though to try something new. You never know, you might find 4 or 5 trips out is even better!

Well done!

Thank you Eddie