Weekend Run Update

in #exhaust3 months ago


I was too tired to make a post on here yesterday, so I just decided to leave it.

Had a decent run yesterday under slightly cold conditions. I decided to take the less traveled, hilly pathway for my prior run on Saturday, I think my body adjusted quite nicely and made the run in Sunday effortless.

While I've suspended my goal of running under 55 minutes for the 10k, it does feel like if I keep up these elevation runs long enough they'll help with my speed.


Way to go, I may try running a little bit but it makes my joints hurt. You should use the actifit app, it auto posts in steem and hive.

I've downloaded the darn thing but keep forgetting to use it when I run. This Saturday definitely!

Hey, this was a great run. Congrats. You are well on the way toward your goal.

By the way, are you familiar with ( yet another app :) ) @exhaust?

With it you can pull your activity directly from Strava and make a post out of it. And geta hefty upvote from the app's account. Like this -> asleep then awake [Exhaust Running Report, July 13th 2020]

Anyways, good luck with your running. You are doing great!

I did think about installing Strava before they took away most of their free features...lol. I'll give it another go though

Yes, without former free features Strava is a bit bare. I guess that many former free users will purchase the subscription. At least I did :)