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I haven't had the chance to really ride too long during the week lately but today, I was back working from home and rode with with her commute which meant I had the time to then ride back home. I was freezing this morning and was not really prepared for it, so it was a little less enjoyable but it does kinda give me some satisfaction that rides like this are gonna make me stronger in the long run.

Will be posting a lot more articles and posts over the coming weeks. 2020 has been weird for me as work has been insane, as I work for a supermarket chain in NZ(everyone stocking up on toilet paper) as well as taking on some extra study, as well as publishing some more books(hopefully 2 more out by the end of the year). Sometimes the larger bodies of work take me away from doing the smaller stuff which can be just as complicated but is nice to have these smaller bodies of work finished and done. As well as just being able to ramble on a bit, which I hope is not too boring for everyone.

So in the coming weeks I will be doing posts on:

  1. Ironman Training, especially now I am a certified coach(You heard right) and I have at least one client, I am training with.
  2. Hopefully two technology books coming out, one definite by November, the other has had a publisher that has been driving me insane, so I had actually given up on that one months ago, but it could still be possible.
  3. I have some product reviews I have been meaning to post.
  4. 5km run training provided by WHOOP as part of their research study I am participating in
  5. Putting it out there but I have always wanted to write a book on running and hopefully November will be the time for me to do that.
  6. Sure there will be lots of other random stuff to get through.

Hive is an awesome place to share this stuff and hopefully I won't bore you too much.

To everyone, please stay safe and keep working hard!


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