Sportstalk Fantasy Premier League | The Arby City Will Be A Great Team of Sportstalksocial League

in fantasypremierleague •  8 months ago 

20190808195914.jpgThe final draft of my squad always be ready to fight with any teams

Reading a post of @blanchy.sports yesterday on Sportstalk Fantasy Premier League made me realize that I must follow those steps in his post and I am in. So I have built my team as well. When I created this post, my team has been involved in the Sportstalksocial League.


My team is among the other team and you can look at other teams below;


I am happy to enter the Sportstalk Fantasy Premier League with @blanchy.sports and other Sportstalkers. I hope my team can help me to win the league to earn SPORTS and SBI.

And I just updated my squad to face the next game weeks.


Let's be happy together with the sportstalksocial on Steem Blockchain.

Happy weekend.

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I just posted about my team too!

Is there a steemit leauge?

Hopefully, your team will be a winner. I don't know about the steemit league.

Time to take a look at this fantasy football stuff

Sportstalk will more socialize for users. Thanks.