Fantasy Premier League Update. Big News.

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So news fresh off the press. @patrickulrich just increased his sponsorship for the Sportstalksocial Fantasy Premier League to

1 million sports tokens!!!!!.

Wow!! I wasn't expecting that. So now there is 1 million Sports tokens plus 500 Steem Basic Income Shares to the winner next May. This is absolutely massive for the league.
But there is more. @sportstalksocial have also given us our own sub tag under the tag #fantasy called #fantasypremierleague so this is somewhere we can go for updates and posts concerning team selections, injuries and standout players. This is amazing and it really shows that the platform is looking at the posts going up on the platform and where the interest is. If we can do football well on the platform then users will come in their droves.
Who knows what the 1 million tokens are going to be worth next May. By the way we are going at the moment it will be quite the substantial prize. At the moment 1 million sports tokens is worth 3050 liquid Steem. And the Sports token is only going to increase.

Entrants So Far

So right now we have 28 entrants so far. For 500 SBI and 1 million sports tokens.
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How To Enter

It is very easy. Pick your team for the season. You pick 15 players for £150 million.And it is free!!!
Click here to enter.
Fill out a few minor details and pick your team.
Then go to the leagues tab.
Click to join private league
The code to enter the Sportstalksocial League is


And that is it. Follow those steps and you are in. You can make limited changes throughout the season such as transfers in and out provided you stay within budget and to earn extra points you can appoint a captain or use the bench boost.
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The fantasy premier league website itself is a hub of stats and facts about players , who is playing well or playing not so well so I know some of you will get into the detail.I know with this amount of tokens up for grabs people will be looking at their teams again.
The best thing about @sportstalksocial is that there is more than one league. You can also join @acidyo 's league with a different code and he has 1 million sports tokens up for grabs also. The link to joining his league is here. Wow this is getting big now!! So if you want to stick with one team or hedge your bets and go with two different ones then it is up to you. The end result is that @sportstalksocial gets activity so the more leagues and the more prizes the better. Now get your team in before the league starts. It will give you a great regular sports post outlet for the people who find it hard to put sports into words. And the experts do not always win it.

The league begins the weekend of the 9th of August so get your teams in quick.Time is running out. When you do enter a team it would be great if you could do a post with the tag #sportstalk and #fantasypremierleague.
At this stage with both competitions 2 million sports token might actually be worth more than the actual grand prize for winning the entire fantasy premier league. If this doesn't get the football nerds radar going nothing will!

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So buy an expensive cardigan and unleash your inner Pep. There is a million sports tokens up for grabs. 2 million if you join both. So start studying the stats , keep an eye on the transfer market and best of luck!!




you have me all up in a heap now after telling me De Bruyne was nine million

joined league!
Manager Name: Mr D Boy
Team Name: Mister D

Holy god, I missed this. 1 MILLION!!! AMAZEBALLS!

This makes things much more interesting and much more fun

Its too much money!

I joined the league. My team name is JUBREAL F.C

My team is Baa. I hope my drafting works well.

For verification, my team name is: Jay Pashupatinath

Very interesting this award!

Here's the feeling after seeing 1,00,00 Sports,

Nice, more reasons to focus on FPL. :)

Exactly .

I created and joined
Team Name: eeeps

Am I in?

You are indeed. Thanks for entering

Great. Looking forward to it.

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Ooft, that makes things interesting. It's time to make some final changes! ;)

I just created mine :) Thanks for hosting.

Thanks for playing

I'm in !! I have joined the private league with 'MarchingOnTogether' .I don't exactly play to win, I choose ex Leeds players who are now playing in the Premiership but throw in a few decent ones too ...but no Man. U lo!

Just joined
Team name: nonz f.c

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Just joined. Team name is Charcoal FC. Thanks for organizing!

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