Ever walked uphill for an hour straight?

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No? Me neither until just the other day. Part of the plan to ‘do something different’ to keep workouts interesting - water, towel, music required.


Sorry @riverflows, no abs or boxer shorts with hearts on today, just a short account of what it is like to stare at a wall for an hour whilst walking uphill at 6km per hour.

The treadmill in the complex is pretty old, the heart rate monitor is bust but she keeps on rolling. The max gradient is 15 bananas, or something, so I cranked it up to the max and started the speed off at 4, then 5 kmh to begin with.

After 10 mins, a short stretch following warming up, and you can spot in the heart rate reading below, recorded by the Amazfit watch. And then, time to walk...


I’m about 187cm, and 6kmh on gradient 15 bananas means fairly swift leg movements - faster than a slow jog I would say, and perhaps even a little more awkward. At 30 mins (see chart) I changed to a jog at the same pace, and my heart rate dropped.

So back to walking at the same pace, and steadily the heart rate goes up, cool huh? I didn’t reach a bigger hill, nor did I go any faster.

At around 40 mins on the graph, my heart rate rose into the burn zone. This coincided with a steady sweat-drip from the chin - finally the workout had begun!

The last ten minutes, prior to the cool-down walk, are mentally tough. It’s just a bit boring, even with music, to be in one place for an hour. And OK yeah, I was getting a little tired.


That’s done though now, and I’m currently sitting in the departure lounge ready to fly to Spain 😎 - with a beer, that is taking back a 3rd of those calories I burned.

Did I get my handstand perfected? Nope

Beach body organised? Just about 😛

Please excuse my lack of engagement for the next week or so. I live alone and so being able to do sports and socialise is a big and welcome change.

Have a good one,



lol, every man and women in Ireland has. :D


lol, every man and women in Ireland has. :D

Enjoy that holiday dudeski and live the debauched single life in the sun!! ;0)

Thank you very much!

I shall be doing sports mixed in with nude sunbathing and drinking 😎☺️🤪

Careful you don't get an overlap and start sporting it whilst drunk and nude!!

Sounds like a great time to me! Bring your own bat n balls :O

15 bananas is a 15% incline which is pretty insane.

10% is where it starts to get crazy on the tdf - 15% is where you'd struggle to turn the peddles even in a low gear!

Even jogging at that us impressive!

Hill training is defo a good way to break things up!

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Is it real though, this incline on a treadmill?
I don't really have a frame of reference, it's all the machine will do.

Pretty hard going at the end, my fave bit is when the sweat starts dripping like clockwork.


I think the rule of thumb is add 1% on for a tread compared to running.

I haven't got a decent sweat on for ages since coming back from my recent inhury.

It's a great feeling being in that zone!

I can't give an IRL equivalent I've never Garmined an hours insane ascent!

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The sweat zone is great - like listening to some music that strikes a chord.


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The last time I was hill treadmilling I did get it up to 7% at 10KPH an hour but fr very short spurts, like a hundred metres.

I do love this sort of data work out shit! Pottymouth.

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Any speed on the gradient is zapping for the legs, I feel like I'm running in sand!

I want to do more data/workout stuff, I think it's just us with interest right now though!

Plenty of interest in that sort of thing!

I have walked uphill for an hour hiking before, it sucked but boy do I keep in ninja mode. Maybe I'll start posting workout pics again so I can be a super influencer blogger, joking

reface_1599091235216_292.gif (what do you do for fun? I post selfies as wonderwoman and blog and walk up mountains to be able to blog some more! ) anyhow good on you for #beachbody,

More workout pics be good :P

if I ever published any would be in my sportsball community that I haven't used in like 6 months lulz

I have gone for hikes up mountains that took hours, but I stopped to rest pretty regularly. It is usually quite the workout, and one that I wouldn't do without the rest breaks. Glad you survived.

Cheers Vader!

It starts getting tough after a while, totally worth the sweat though :)

hello dear friend @ abh12345 good night
your exercises are becoming more demanding, it shows that you are well trained.
I wish you a good trip, enjoy it a lot

Thanks jlufer, I hope you can incorporate some exercise into you day :)

Nope, but I have biked uphill for about 15 minutes. My quads have never been more unhappy.😂 Don't know what your going to Spain for, but I envy the fact that you can travel with a beer in hand in these times. Stay safe in your travels!

I do like a ride uphill :)

Back now, was worth it for the sun and the plane was empty - good time to travel if you can.

I have the means and time to travel. Getting visa is still a bureaucratic issue, unfortunately. Soon...

Hope you got the recharge you needed.

Oh and here are again amazing stats. You are really working out, congrats for your dedication and perseverance. Have a great time in Spain Asher!

Ooops, late reply here. Thank you!

Missed this notification.. sorry. Been shit at checking them of late. Turns out it wasn't worth it anyway.. if there's no boxer shorts don't bother tagging me.

hahaha :D

I'll see what I can do another time!