Getting fit and keeping track

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Being put on Furlough has meant less money coming in, but has given me plenty of spare time - time that I've been filling by sweating, a lot.

January was a good month for my health, I didn't drink any alcohol and steadily worked back into doing some exercise each day. It wasn't much to start, but I was in no shape to push it too hard back then. Then the New Years resolution period ended, and I found the pub next door too tempting too often, and quickly slipped back into too many weekday beers.

At the beginning of March I found a workout partner, someone who has turned up each and every day since (bar 2/3 days rest) to share their routines and help keep me motivated. Most of the routines I have already shared, and this post is more about my recent reward for staying motivated, and to hopefully encourage me remain so.

A few weeks ago, my workout partner showed me her new fitness watch. I've not worn a watch for 20 odd years, since the last one was lost in a biking accident in Thailand, but that one only told the time. Her new watch tracked activities, heart-rate, PAI, and sleep, and I caved in and bought one myself. It is a Amazfit GTR, not top of the range or anything but can be made to look pretty, and is pretty comfy on the wrist.

My current, slightly camp looking watch face

There are a bunch of faces to choose from, but I'm currently enjoying the neon. Time for some numbers and graphs :)

Heart charts

The watch has specific activities that you can select, as well as a 'freestyle' option which I have been using for everything not listed, like HIIT and Yoga. Heart-rate is measured constantly, and the time in a beats per minute range is grouped into Relaxed, Light, Intensive, Aerobic, Anaerobic, and VO2 max.

I'm not entirely convinced about VO2 max as I think think this measurement requires knowledge of oxygen burned while going flat out, but it is pleasing to see I am hitting this top range during some workouts.

The two images below are the results of 20 minutes on the Elliptical trainer. I don't work to a pre-programmed routine, and generally try to pick up the pace as time goes on.



188 peak, a little more than what is recommended when going flat out.


The next images are the output from a 90 minute Yoga workout. The first 45 mins are the main part of the routine, then 20 minutes or so of balance postures, and then a bunch of stretching to finish.



As you can see, the routine doesn't really get the heart pumping (apart from the spike when doing 'Wheel'). I do think though that this workout, which I'm now doing twice a week, is a key part of training, even though it doesn't score too well on what the watch can track.

I'm likely boring everyone to tears so this will be the last readout from a workout today - 30 odd minutes on the treadmill.



The middle section of the workout looks a lot like the Elliptical data above, which I like. I used to run quite a lot, but have found my joints don't like it so much these days, and so it's good to see that the heart can be given a good workout on a non-impact machine.

Life of PAI

One metric counted each day is your PAI or Personal Activity Intelligence.

PAI's algorithm is based on data collected from the HUNT study, which took place over a 25-year period involving 45,000 participants. It was conducted by the Faculty of Medicine at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and developed by Professor Ulrik Wisløff, one of the world’s leading scientists in Exercise in Medicine source

Basically, you earn PAI for getting your heart moving, the faster it beats for a given period, the more you earn. As the name alludes, the PAI you earn are personalised to your age, sex, fitness level, and so some people will need to work harder to collect a score.

The idea is that you should be maintaining over 100 PAI constantly, with the score accumulated over the past 7 days.


Jogging, Eliptical, or the HIIT training 3/4 times a week will be enough for me to maintain 100+. The ab workout and 90 minutes of Yoga has earned me 0 PAI so far!

Sleeping 'better than most'

This was a big surprise to me as I thought that my sleep quality was pretty poor. To be fair it has gotten better in recent months, and so perhaps the exercise has helped.

Pretty smart that they know the colour of your pee?

I was on the sofa, void!





I generally have around 6/7 hours sleep and that seems to be more than what most people using the watch/app are getting. I'm also told that the amount of time I spend in deep sleep is more in comparison to others. Going to bed a bit earlier might help further, as well as drinking less in the evening so I don't need a middle of the night pee.



I like my watch!

I was worried it wouldn't be comfortable or I'd smash it into something on the first day, but so far so good.

The last three months have been hard work, but I feel good and friends have noticed a change. I hope that my workout buddy and the watch will keep me motivated, and if not, I'll just resort to dreaming about beers in the sun, this year I hope!




Love the retro/ neon look of that watch!

I got a fit bit recently ( old one from a good friend's wife, who went for a newer, hipper model ) and am enjoying it quite a lot so far, it's also making me move more. I enjoy the warning it gives me every hour ( after 50 mins ) if I haven't gotten 250 steps.

I'm not the sporty type, long walks are good enough for me, but I tend to walk a lot to not go insane and stay creative.

The fitbit tracks my sleep too and is ( a lot ) more positive about my sleep than I am myself. I decided to trust it though and has made me worry a lot less about what I thought was poor sleep. I now created the new believe that I'm sleeping alright.

I have to say though, comparing my sleep stats with yours that yours are pretty impressive. I might make it to 7 to 8 hours on average, I have about an hour less of deep sleep and I am awake a lot more than you.

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!

I've tried a few others this week but I'm back with neon! :)

I decided to trust it though and has made me worry a lot less about what I thought was poor sleep. I now created the new believe that I'm sleeping alright.

I'm doing exactly the same and am stressing much less about sleep at present, so in some ways I think the the watch is helping.

I'm surprised at how much deep sleep i get - it's close to 3 hours most days and the watch tells me that is more than most.

Cheers, you too!

I've tried a few others this week but I'm back with neon! :)

No need to explain that to me.

By the way, if you're into neon, you might like this:

@wizardmusic's Neon Empire

I'm surprised at how much deep sleep i get - it's close to 3 hours most days and the watch tells me that is more than most.

Wow! I only spent about 15% of my night in deep sleep. Much to improve on that area. Perhaps less screen staring at night ( something I still struggle with ) might help with that but yeah, I thought I was a bad sleep for over a decade and it amazing how a little intelligent machine can change such an important ( health affecting ) believe.

See you around :<)

Sorry about the furlough.. that sucks! As far as finding a good balance between beer and exercise.. well I haven't found it yet. I love my beer and I love to exercise. I want to cut beer out on at least down a bit, but it tastes too damn good. lol. one of these days! Feels good to read your efforts though 😁

Cheers :)

Well it's been good and bad - less cash is a big bummer but plenty of free time to exercise and avoid the beer as long as possible!

I am thinking that your will power is better than mine. Wish ya the best! I find it hardest to avoid cracking a cold one when I am grilling.. I am at my weakest then. 😆

I have one beside me :)

And most days I'll have one, but as I'm exercising most days too I don't feel so bad. Good luck!

Sweet, hope you use it well! ;D

I got a Mi band 3 few months ago and I really like it, but lately I have been wearing it less (mainly exercise). I'm too fidgety and any accessories agitate me, I have to tolerate my glasses tho. I got a little plastic film protection for it pretty cheap, I do bump it in walls occasionally, but I mostly wear it inwards :)

Anyways, I use it for workouts and damn Chloe Ting exercises are brutal, I'm on day 3 and I've been considering before and after pics but nahhhh, not sure I'll survive 2 weeks of her routine xD

I'm glad I'm not the only one who bumps their wrists and the items on them from time to time. I wonder how long this will last!

I've not heard of Chloe Ting, I will go take a look!

Edit: Well it looks like her workout is doing the job for her! I noticed one routine started with lateral jumps - I've had to stop those as my knees do not like.

I hope you keep at it :D

No jumps for me either :D Live in an apartment, doing the 2 week abs challenge right now. ^^ she has a variety of exercises. Darabee is also great for exercise ideas

I live in an apartment too but am continually impressed by the sound-proofing (no-one has complained yet and I never hear anything).

I've got my workouts sorted, just need to do them each day and i'll be set. Abs are Mon/Weds/Fri, and that is a video I've been following for a decade :)

My Sem-PAI!

Ah damn, I am going to have to get a fitness watch. I have been putting it off for years now but I think I have been around crypto long enough to be influenced by the gamification :D This week I have run 3 times for the first time in 3 years I think, so perhaps I can get into some kind of less round shape before the end of summer.

Should I get one of these?

Any recommendations from anyone else are appreciated too :)

Perfect for someone getting back into it and who likes a bit of gamification :D

I went for the Amazfit as (@sulayr told me) that it compares well against the Garmin (top of range) sports watches.

She is friended by the app and I can see what she's been up to, although I can't find the reading where it says I'd kick her ass. (Her heart-rate recovers much better than mine!)

Because I am lazier. And my heart too.

70 PAI today was it? :O

Yes! So I can be lazy today :)

Lazy until 1pm!

Yes, boss!


So we can see what each other is physically up to?

That is going to get awkward at night ^

Not your heart-rate from what I can see, but your time to bed/sleep, yes :D

Oh and if you've done any exercise during the day.

There is also a 'nudge' option, but describing it makes me think about makes me think about phone-controlled sex toys, so I'll pass :)

but describing it makes me think about makes me think about phone-controlled sex toys,

I need to get out more...

😷 - You may need this? Might come free with the toy?

So the watch syncs with your phone like a gear? I'd really like to be able to track my sleep because sometimes I feel like I sleep too much

Yeah it does, and will keep the data if your phone isn't close.

The sleep stuff is interesting I think, actually made me feel a lot better knowing my sleep is better than average at present (sorry to the people suffering!)

It will coincidentally let you sleep better knowing you sleep better 😄.

lol, sounds weird but perhaps. They say a lot of how you sleep is in the mind, so maybe.

Yeah true. I haven't ever looked at sleeping habits and all the related topics. All I know is that my body shuts down at a certain period and wakes up at a certain period. If I don't sleepmor wake up in those said periods, I generally feel like shit.

Nice toy! It's pretty addictive and it will help you to sustain your physical activity, you will see...

The man I wanted to see here. So, what watch would you recommend that isn't going to cost me my house? :)

hehhehe! this amazfit GTR is very complete and it has a very competitive price but I don't have experience using this brand.
I am GARMIN user. I had 3 watches of that brand, the last I bought it 4 years ago and it's working perfectly... it is a FENIX 3.
The new Garmin FENIX 6 is prohibitive in price.

Now I have to look into a few. I have a Huawei phone and they have a watch, but it sounds a bit dodgy. There is a Garmin Vivomove around the same price point which looks more like a watch -- I love gadgets. I hate buying them though :D

This one was about 140 euros... you didn't go for a straw house again did you? :)

That isn't too bad at all! I don't need a weedwhacker - let nature take its course :)

That is a reference to the garden, not my bikini line ^

I hope so! I mean, I've been doing the do without it, but it's added encouragement to know that the routine will be recorded and I can compare to my previous and with workout partner.


Exactly, you can follow your improvements very well and it helps a lot

I really like your watch :D
How soon will we see a live-stream workout session? :P

he wears a mankini while working out....

That must be shared :D

It's what she prefers :O

Are you going to do it with me? :P

Sure! But no push-ups, I don't want to humiliate anyone :P


Nice work mate, shake off that lockdown fat! You’re not the only one did you see how fat Kevin D And harry Kane are LOl the pics tell no lies

Doing pretty good a keeping the beer fat off at present :)

Not seen any pics but those two do take a month or two to getting going - Probably see them at Xmas then!

That's a really nice watch, good goals.

I'm not sure the reading is right on one output - shouldn't it be max HR 172 rather than target?

I like the sleep app, although it must be a bit crap if you're coming out worse than most people? And make it more difficult to get a better night's sleep?

I can guarantee I'd be in the 3% above you on the sleep skill, that's pretty much my super power.

Love the neon.

I'm not sure the reading is right on one output - shouldn't it be max HR 172 rather than target?

Yeah I thought the same as you and assume it should be the max you should be hitting, according to some people who've never met you :)

It must be a bit crap if you're coming out worse than most people?

For sure, I would then change my target sleep amount to 5 hours and get a pat on the back every morning :)

Well done on the sleeping, I thought I was terrible, turns out that a present I'm doing alright.

I've tried a few of the faces and come back to the neon :)

I think the heart/ body are pretty clever things anyway when it comes to max heart rate - I used to be able to sustain mid 170s for a run, now it's only mid 160s if I'm going for it, I just can't go higher for a sustained period, if I did I'd collapse, the body's clever like that!

Yeah I've noticed there is no turbo these days, but I think we are doing well at 160 and 'comfortable' :)

It looks like a future watch!!! I need to start wearing my watch again. I've worn fuck all since lockdown!! Apart from clothes, I still manage that :0F

What's the point in needing to know the time during lockdown, I've been terrible and even had an afternoon nap today :O

Good effort on the clothes!

An afternoon nap!! I would kill for one of them!!

A rare treat, and probably the reason I'm wide awake now :D

Haha, I just slept like a babe all the way to work time. Blegh

As predicted, a crap sleep here but that's what you get for a 2 hour nap in the afternoon!

Line another nap for this avo, that's furlough baby!! :0D

Sounds good. I'm going to be in shock when I have to start doing things at a certain time again!

I have a Tomtom watch to record my running sessions and love it. The geek in me craves all the statistics and cool info... and it's a great weay to track our progress!

Geeky gamification, it is what I enjoy too, cheers!

It's a nice thing to be keep fit always ❤️💯. Lovely watch you've got there by the way.

It is, good for the mind, body, and soul :)

I too have Mi FIT watch that's just for some activity and does not give so detailed values. It has sleep monitoring for sure as well as heart tracking but again limited to just heart rate calculation

Sounds like enough to provide some extra motivation?

It was when I initially got it, but the motivation died out. But still the motivation is there ti sweat it out every morning.

Sleep is super important and doing exercises helps lot.Gadgets can help a lot, together with the apps, if used for one's health. Super cool, keep on doing it💪

Yes, so important for a vibrant daytime! I've suffered in the past but seem to have it under control at present.

I shall continue in the hope of a holiday this year, fingers-crossed!

🤞🤞You gonna get muscles and health and statistics to show off the discipline, what else can you wish in life. I am sure covid will pass and holidays will be possible

I hope so, and then I'll be OK with sitting on the beach with a case of beer :D

Be fit for beach and beer, good motivation right there😊🏖️

I really like a watch which tells only the time.

But the Amazfit is a pretty solid offering, despite its limited apps.

Good luck finding one of those these days :) I'm still checking my phone instead of the watch.

It's doing the job for me, and if I can avoid smashing it for a while, the next one could be further up the range.

Tbh I’ve looked in the whole range of features and the Amazfit truly stands out as the ideal recommendation for the recreational/want to be a little bit healthier “athlete”.

It isn’t until one takes sports and performance more serious (or has maybe underlying conditions which require better quality hardware) that further up the range models offer true benefits. If the watch (band) and its selection of faces do it for you... the Amazfit offers pretty much anything the basic user needs. Unless showing off your awesomeness on Strava or Runkeeper matters to you.

Good to know, I went mostly off a friends recommendation but it seems they've done enough research.

As you say, I wont be needing anything top notch, and I'm pretty happy with the Amazfit so far.

It's great how technology advances daily. Now we can keep track of our health from a watch.

Hi @abh12345 how have you been. Haven't seen you around in a while.
My bad right

It is :)

And yes, I don't remember the last time we spoke. I've been here all along :)

Me too. Guess I haven't come across you since then

Im in my late twenties, i do almost no exercise,.I do take long walks from time to time, I just hope my future self is hating me right now.

Dude, prime time!

I hope you can find something to motivate you to get the heart going, now drop and give me 10 (push-ups, that is).

Okay push ups I can do, I used to do, I lost motivation, i can still get back to that easily, its the running or jugging or weight lifting i have issues with, but if i can fix running, then getting back to push up shouldnt be hard

its the running or jugging or weight lifting i have issues with

Then, no spicy AFIT tokens nor whoopy upvotes or greasy curation rewards for you anymore @mistakili. (said the guys of actifit) :p

I knowww sadly.......hmmn....okay maybe thats something

Hello dear friend @ abh12345 Good afternoon

You have two things I don't have right now, and it takes me a lot to get back into my training routines. An excellent watch and a companion that motivates me.

The technology that exists today is incredible, you have all the measurement data at the push of a button.

Congratulations on this new toy, and for the advances in your training.

I wish you a great week

Thank you :)

I hope you can find the time and motivation for some exercise each day!

It is an issue that I have pending and I must do it, at my age training is very beneficial

When you pass fifty years everything is more complicated with health, and now I have some extra kilos that did not allow me to do the dance of our friend Marky. It's a joke.

Congratulations again for the great training job

What a cool gadget. Good to see you have been using your furlough time wisely. Me? Too much wine and cheese. On way home now.. two weeks in quarantine hotel may sort me out.

It's shiny! And so many different faces to choose from, although none quite so neon camp as this one :D

Safe travels home, I hear wine and cheese goes well on a flight :D



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