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Today, i will be watching the clash between Leed United vs Liverpool. guys what's your prediction on this game? to me i feel this game will end up draw

Well, I predict Leeds are going to lead the match ;)

hahahaha. my dear friend, have you seen what happened in the pitch? the draw the game at 1:1

Yeah lol. Who could have thought?

I am going with a draw too and I wrote down 1-1 lol.

you were really in the spirit of draw with me today. i am glad our prediction came true.

A bit difficult to predict I might have to stick with draw but I see goals from both teams

Behave with your draw! If you think it will be a draw, get over to my post and give us your prediction!! Leeds will win 3:0 :-)


@leedsunited hahaha, seems you are very intentional with this your prediction, weel I still stick with 3-1

Liverpool is my prediction ... it's always good to have a bit of rivalry

My bet is that Leeds will win. I see Liverpool a bit out of shape.

Leed united Winning will be a nice one, but the end of the match will determine.

at the end of the match, the draw almost everyone was shouting came to pass. the game was cool but kind of boring to me. Leeds United 1:1 Liverpool

Leeds is becoming noticeable these days. I hope they make it to UCL next season.

ok, with all the football talk I thought I would put a different spin on it in 10mins time we have some FIFA Esports GT League action

Greece Vs Colombia.. odd are Greece $2.30, Colombia $2.60 and draw $3.50... who will be the victor...

I am guessing Esports doesn't have the same following here, but thought I would throw it out there, see what comes back!

looks like it was a nil-nill draw

Over the weekend, Benfica made me lose my bet.
They lost to Gil Vicente right in their home. I don't know what happened to them though

Me too.
It was a shocking one.
I never saw it coming

I didn't follow it but it's a surprise to read this.

Thanks for yesterdays participation guys , 200 SPORTS and 0.25 HIVE has been sent to each of you

Those who participated but didn't post 3 comments @scholaris.sports

Another win for us.
Thanks Mr sports

Thanks as always for the tokens.

thanks so much for the reward........ i love it this morning.

Thanks for the award.

Congratulations to the winners

I stand with Liverpool today. They won't let Leeds united get away with a win today.

That's right. I second the motion knowing fully well of how it ended

Good morning and happy fresh week lovely friends. i want to believe you all had a pleasant night rest? as for me, i slept like a baby and wake like a king after my prediction for man u yesterday came out true and i strongly believe we will have a nice day today. much sport is going on and am looking forward to learn from my basketball friends because i really want to get use to that game.

Good day to you. I don't think anyone is up with the basketball talk today. How about you bring it on if you have any idea concerning basket ball?

I skipped basketball last night but I believe there were a few NBA games last night and the only one I know of off the top of my head was the Clippers game.

No basketball for me today and its almost bedtime for me.

Wow.... I'm still on my late morning hours, catching up with activities. I wish there was basketball plan to, I really want to learn it style.

I'm not a huge basketball fan but I'd be willing to try and participate on a discussion

Liverpool is on the 6th position on the table while Leed United is on the 10th position. who will clime up and who will go down the table tonight. i wish Liverpool will put more effort this time to gain the victory. lets see how it goes.

Its seems you are a fan of liverpool because the way you have faith in them is questionable. Anyway, I think Leeds will beat them to it.

With Chelsea and Leicester confirming the FA cup spot in the final its going to be an interesting final, a final that might go either way.
As a Chelsea fan I hope Chelsea wins!

I don't follow either of them that much so I hope Chelsea does end up getting winning.

One of my friends a Manchester united fan once told me if i named my daughter chelsea he wont be my friend decided not to name her this post reminded me of that funny moment in life

Lol. Its weird when you have super avid fans for friends since they are so biased.

Lol, Chelsea is quite a cute name for a girl, my girlfriend and I were talking about this the other day and I asked will she allow me naming our daughter Chelsea if we do have a baby girl she said no 😃

I see I have a fan here too, chelsea did surprised me though and I really do hope they win too @joetunex

Awesome knowing you are a Chelsea fan too 😃 after the sacking of Frank a strong Chelsea have been born

Yeah I guess it has. I pray it gets even better

I hope so two, how optimistic are you against Madrid in the champions league semi final?

It will be a great delight winning one or two silverware this season considering how Chelsea kicked off the season and ended up changing manager

Chelsea chasing two cups, FA Cup and UEFA champions league.

Which is more likely Chelsea wins?
I prefer UEFA champions league over FA Cup but the blues have to go past Madrid first.

If you say go pass Madrid, it's fair.
For me, it's passing a carmel through the eye of a needle.

😃😃 really! Is Madrid that difficult to beat? You just made feel Chelsea is going to beat Madrid

Well, I'll say that Chelsea will not win Madrid to keep them away from qualification

Well shall see 🙂

More likely it is the FA Cup but why not both?

Both will be awesome 😃

Come on @amr008.sports ,I've not seen you with an entry for a while!!

I tend to find him more likely to respond over at the @leomarkettalk thread. He has been slightly less active in responding lately though.

He's been busy with some scripts for his data analysis :)