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DC vs RCB today.

My bets are on DC , whom are you supporting?

A lot will depend on how devdutt padikal plays the game against DC. Last game was good for him. Not much hopes from Virat Kohli as usual

I would go for rcb after abd's innings.
Dc needs to put strong opening partnership if they want to win this match.

I am with you on this one

DC too.
Good morning

Good morning all..... I just wake up smiling. It must be from the sweet dreams I had. Hope we all had a pleasant night rest?

Its late so I am about to go to sleep. I'll see you tomorrow when I get up probably.

Alright. I pray you pleasant dreams. Till dawn....

That must be from the pleasant dream you had.
I hope you smile everyday 😀

Yeah, just like me. I don't feel like sleeping early tonight.
Chelsea just made me proud

Today is UEFA Champions League and Real Madrid is clashing with Chelsea. Guys, what's your prediction? To me, Real will win this match, Chelsea has been on a low this season, I don't know what is wrong.

Somehow I am feeling the game will be draw...... But I wish Real Madrid to win.

I think chelsea will take it out.. we'll see

Well, we never can tell till the last blow. Though I'm afraid Chelsea will win.

You're a good fan. Am happy that Chelsea drew

Now you're talking. Chelsea has high priorities this season and champions league is one of them

Chelsea had chances of winning, but my problem is that they can't assure me of winning the game. They had advantage over Real. Drawing this game is not a thing of joy to me. I know it will be a joyful experience for the chelsea fans. I needed to have a winner tonight.

Well, for them to win Real Madrid last night was and is a challenge.
They started as threatened footballers until they were able to make the first goal scorer.
Maybe in their home ground, they'll do something different

Chelsea are in great form after lampard sacking
They can win this tie

Lol... I can't assure my self that. The end of the match will determine it.

Lol... I can't assure my self that. The end of the match will determine it.

Yeah, they drew at last.
Maybe he's a concentrated Madrid fan. Lol

I have a feeling Real Madrid will probably win but I am just guessing. Both teams are doing quite well so I would not be surprised to see Chelsea win or draw probably.

Let's see what the game will bring. In a game, there must be a winner and a looser.

When its a draw, nobody is considered a winner or loser but I feel like one of them should win to help determine the league.

You are right, if one of the them wins, it will make the game interesting and fun to watch and talk about but we can not say for sure which team will win as both teams are good at what they do.

when in doubt look at the odds, look's like markets are betting on Real Madrid, but its close

Yea it seems fairly close and it looks like quite a few people betting on a draw.

At the end, it justified the means.
Winning a bet is not by odds but by capacity of the teams

It remains to be seen if the conflict with UEFA takes its toll on Real Madrid.

In the end Chelsea played better. All pending the return match.

Sure. I hope Chelsea will just hold the line for another goalless draw

Well, I just saw this on @leedsunited post and I still think this game is going to be a draw game at the end even though Chelsea are low, they won't leave the pitch without a fight and I as well know that Real Madrid team are a strong team but Chelsea team should not be underated because they have been doing amazing in the Premier League match lately.

We had a draw from them. Well, the game still continues......

I have to laugh you as one of those people who doesn't want Chelsea to touch the league title again.

My dear, i lost interest on chelsea after disappointing me on their last play.

I'm thinking that you loss your bet.

So does anyone have any views on whether IPL in India should pause for a moment whilst the country is tackling their COVID crisis? or should that push on with safety measures? Its a tough one

Lot if players have already opted out of IPL already due to the fears of Covid-19, the list of players include Ashvin, Zampa, Richardson and Tye.

They should continue playing, you have to live with the pandemic.

Are they traveling? I have been following IPL but not very closely. If they are traveling then they should definitely out a pause to it.

I don't know but I think they should pause while dealing with covid. I think the entire world is looking at India and if the crisis intensifies, I think some people might get some blame.

I don't think it should stop only mode of entertainment these days

On my own opinion, I think they should go on but follow the necessary prevention measures because it has been one year and some months since the Covid 19 began and it is obvious that nothing is returning to normal anytime soon.

If it stops, what happens to others? Moreover, we are not praying for any bad news.

I guess it a better to pause this time nauseating the vivid situation

Yeah it's a tough situation they are playing in a bio bubble..but that can only provide so much protection..

Dont trust the fake news about India

Am so happy to announce to the general public that Chelsea do not loss in the game against the hyped real Madrid in the UCL.
So if you think that it happend by chance, please explain I few words

Hi at all,
what do you think about the CL Top Scorer list?

Can Mbappe (8), Benzema (6), Neymar (6) or Giroud (6) beat the current top scorer Haaland (10)?