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Welcome back mate. Sending you best wishes. You take care of yourself over there mate!

Thanks @leedsunited .

Hope everything is good on your side too .

Welcome back friend. Sorry i heard what happen. I want to believe you are fine now? Please be strong in the lord. I really miss your post

Sorry to hear about the news.
Please take care and be safe.
Things are not in good shape these days and everyday I am hearing bad news 😔

Hope everything is going good in Bengaluru. There are so many news about exponential growth of corona in the Indian silicon valley. We missed you for last two three days

Good to see you back.
Today I will be aware of the Burnley vs West Ham who do you think will win?

West Ham

What do you think will be the result?

I'm with @timmypat, west ham is my pick

West Ham may play draw in this game o. Lol.......

Wow..... This game brought me here. Burnley are ready for west Ham. It will be war tonight.

For me it's a draw tonight

I feel the draw too. But any mistake, West Ham will win

I don’t know any of the team but I do like the name Burnley so my support with them.

My dear friend, west Ham won the game 2:1

Hello, I join this conversation about sports

What sport do you like and are you want king any matches today ?

Beginning to like this

NBA basketball, we have Orlando Magic vs Detroit Pistons. Odds are 1.80 for Detroit, and 2.0 for Orlando. I'm going to tip the underdog Orlando for the win.

I think the Orlando Magic will win

Cricket - Indian Premier League T20 Tournament - Match between RCB and KKR

It's a sad day for IPL lovers as the match between RCB and KKR got postponed as couple of KKR players tested positive for Corona it seems.

Let's hope all are safe and the tournament continues.

Yeah it was Varun Chakaravarthy and Sandeep Warrier, wish them both a speedy recovery.

Yeah, hopefully, no more positive cases, otherwise, there are high chances of IPL itself being postponed or cancelled.

Clearly, Varun Chakravarthy's absence will be a great loss for KKR in other matches they play until he gets recovered.

Let's hope for the best :)

At first the government should not have allowed the IPL to take place. Corona doesnt really distinguish between the ordinary citizens and cricket players

Yeah, that was my point too, but I also felt that, with constrained bubble the IPL players live in without much contact with outside World, there should be less chances of Corona getting spread, right?

Somehow that is not the case and I feel the future of this edition's IPL is in jeopardy and we may see a postpone or complete ban on this edition if the cases continues to rise.

I think we will get an idea of how it will go in couple of days of time, let's hope for the best without putting too much expectations on further matches.

There is a big economics behind these IPl matches. Every franchisee owner have financial stakes and its just impossible to forget this economics for whatever reason. Even though the players get infected, they are good with their economics. Hence, these stakeholders would never let get the series banned.

Certainly, Crores of money is involved and it's obvious they try to force it to continue.

I have different views. In my views the whole tournament should be cancelled.
No matter how much care you take they virus is everywhere and we need to act now and fast to stop it.
Maybe IPL is one of the reason why government is not very keen to impose the lockdown. Politics and business being preferred over people.

I guess the recent elections and just concluded vote counting was the reason Govt was against full lockdown.

I agree with you point of cancelling the IPL this year, but there might be many hands forcing it to continue because of money involved.

Let's see how it goes :)

Your wish is fulfilled @harpreetjanda, IPL is finally postponed and it's a good decision.

IPL can always be continued once the Corona is under control or completely eradicated which seems a distant one at this point of time.