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My team is playing your team and I am almost certain that Madrid will show their brilliance as an elite team. I cant argue the fact that Chelsea played a wonderful game but I think they lack experience in trying to hold on.

I do not agree with you on Benzema not being a scorer because in recent times he has proven to be the man to carry Madrid on his shoulder since Ramos went off.

I think Chelsea needs an experienced and clinical center forward. You can't missing opportunities in a competition like champions league, you will definitely be punished. I think werner is not the right person to play that position. Giroud or Tammy will do better. I think Tammy is an opportunist and will most times score when the opportunity is there.

Anyways Nice review although a biased one.
I dont want to see an English final. It looks boring already


Positive criticism is really good.
Wednesday will be lit for both clubs.
I am surprised to see Benzema playing that good.
Chelsea is a young team with a new coaching system.
Real has been there many times.
Bout time a new team going all in.
Now if PSG cannot take care of business
City will advance.
Two great meetings coming.