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Messi And The Argentine Champion's Curse

The Wonderkid has now reached the age of approaching retirement in the world of football. Lionel Messi, the player who made football a pain to watch. Moreover, to the player who played and became his opponent. Everything Messi does on the pitch is a reflection of the true genius of the field, which is football. Achieving various prestigious titles with his boyhood club, Barcelona, ​​Lionel's career is like a fairy tale that is the dream of many people. Achieving success with the club is not in line with achieving with his country, Argentina. Messi is recorded in the history of having failed in several major events. The world cup final only recorded his name as Runner-up for the best achievement to date. In the South American region, Messi has even been hit by an annoying reality more than once. But the bitter reality of failure did not make him hated in his country. Despite various criticisms from the media that hit him, to the point where he almost retired from the National Team, Messi is still adored by the Argentinean people.

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28 Years of Waiting

This year, at an age that is no longer young, Lionel Messi has finally proven that he always tries to give the best for his country. He may not be a player with an explosive leadership character like Maradona. Diego is the one and only and hard to find that it seems. That comparison may be difficult for Messi. She's not Maradona. He is Lionel Messi with all his achievements. Both are different personalities, characters and destiny. What they have in common is Argentina. Now Messi has accomplished one great desire of his people. Winning the 2020 Copa America after waiting 28 years. At the same time he also become the best player of the tournament and the top scorer. That is amazing indeed. Although never dry of talented footballers, other big names have always failed to live up to the expectations of the Argentinean people. Who does not know the generation of Riquelme and friends. But they always stuck in a quarter of the world cup journey. At the regional level, this generation is also only stuck in the final round. All drowned in the shadow of the big name Diego Armando Maradona. Maybe Don Diego is now smiling up there. "Come on, next World Cup, Lio!". he whispered.


Is He The Best Of All Time?

It is a question that will haunt Messi throughout his career. Despite the recognition as the best he has long received from his colleagues and compatriots in the world of football, the fans, especially the fans of his rival, Cristiano Ronaldo will always argue about this. Both still have a chance to be the best. The 2022 world cup in Qatar will be decisive. There will definitely be a lot of competitors. Especially from Neymar who cried because he failed to win in public. Ney, also includes players who have never won at the major level with his country, Brazil. It will be interesting to see these three of my favorite players compete next year. Not to mention the team was injured in this year's European cup title England. Young gun the three lion is really scary. But I hope, personally Messi will complete his achievement to be the best of footballer of all time. He has drugged me since the first time I watched the game he was in the Barcelona shirt. A fearless genius player to fight with his co-stars. A player who makes his opponents look like they are fighting creatures from a different world. From the past until now, the way he plays ball is like a child who doesn't want his ball to be stolen. But now he looks like he has become a leader who sets an example for the young players in his country. They all play for a LIONEL MESSI!!!



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Welcome to Sports Talk Social, have been reading about whatever happened with your account.

Hope everything is fine now.

Nice one to showcase the agony Messi might have gone thru and it's always debatable like who is the best and mostly, no one can be 100% perfect to answer that.

Thanks sir. Nice to be welcoming by you. Everything happen for reasons. I just don't want to be sad over the thing that I can't control. That's why I bumping up with the new account.

Messi and all Players who played this game are the best! All of them deserve to be the best.

At last, congratulations to Messi and Argentina.

Yes! They deserve it..😁

I thought Brazil was going to win but I do think Argentina and Messi deserved to win something either this year, or at least in the short term. The wait has been very long but it is finally over for them. If he is the best of all time, I am not sure. It is impossible to compare players of different eras, he is certainly among the 2 best of his era. When both Messi and CR7 retire, then it can be decided which one was the best. For now, they are still competing and with chances of improving their historic careers.

Yup ... I go along with you. Brazil was totally on their bad luck. Lio and Cristiano, love them two. I enjoy every move their make on the pitch. Even I could enjoy the little boy playing soccer on the small field. I simply love this game. Let see what is going to happen next!