There is an alien working for the Georgia Bulldogs football team

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As the video evidence clearly shows, this member of the University or Georgia coaching staff is not from planet Earth. That’s some serious hangtime.


What is your explanation for this sorcery?


How are you dear friend @daltono good night
This video is incredible, what an athletic state, you can not believe that it stays that way in the air, they really are from another world. Great.
Many thanks for sharing this video
I take the opportunity to wish you a wonderful weekend, that you enjoy a lot in the company of the people you love

It really is an insane jump that the man made to avoid the collision. It has been a great weekend so far! I wish you a wonderful time as well.

gif slows down a second time when he's midair :p

Either way the dude had some good reflexes to avoid. Although seeing it happen in personal full speed probably wasn't as wild.

Haha, wow that's an awesome shot.

You know how sometimes people get superhuman abilities when threatened with danger - well there you go! This guy just saw 3 huge, padded up dudes flying towards him and his body took over.

Yes I've heard of that before. Such as a mother lifting a car that was on top of their child or something.

This dude refused to get knocked down by the players.