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RE: Khabib says he'll fight again.... HUGE SURPRISE!

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That surprised pikachu face that Poirier has in the last shot haha 😁

Ok, it may be stupid, but I heard Max Holloway on Ariel's Helwani's interview, and a possible bout at 155, and I dunno maybe I am reading into it too much, but they almost faced each other once and there were a serious buzz about it, Max was at the top of his game at the time, and right now on a win streak (I give him one of the split decision against Volkanovski). It could take one fight or two to convince Khabib to come back. I would totally watch it.

Also, GSP had a nice interview with Bisping not so long ago and admitted he would not make it to 155.

He does look skinny in the interview (or out of shape?). He posted video on instagram of him training strength and conditioning, so there are some shenanigans going on.

I will be posting about Cyril Gane tomorrow. Allez Bon Gamin!! Let' go!!


what a wonderful comment and loving the supplemental information. Well, i'm gonna follow you now :) Cyril Gane is a really interesting story to me, I'm very interested in his upcoming fight.

Thanks buddy, my pleasure!

Can we create a watching party one day? For one of the biggest card?

Looking forward to your second post on sportstalksocial, @edprivat.

Thanks! I started writing it, I will sleep on it and tryna finish tomorrow! Cheeeeeeeeeeers 🏂