Skiing On Krvavec

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On the day when spring showed its warmth for the first time this year, we were skiing on Krvavec.

Partially on the prepared slopes ...

... and partially off the track.

It was great.

The snow was surprisingly good until 1 pm when the lifts stopped working.

Then it was time to relax and grab a beer.

It was our second day on snow this season. The measures ... I do hope it was not the last.

Better and better


That looks like such a perfect spring skiing day with that bluebird sky! I admit that makes me very envious, I couldn't hit the slopes at all this winter. First time in many years. Coincidentally I've recently stumbled upon a couple of Warren Miller movies on TV, and I'm craving skiing so much now!
Anyways, I wish you more ski days this season. I'll be waiting for the next...

Thank you very much. I do hope that you'll be able to ski come next winter.

We plan to go skiing the next weekend. We wanted to go today too yet the plans have been changed for us. It the prepare the firewood for the next winter day :)

Have a great Sunday.

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Hello dear friend @ ervin-lemark good night
You seem to be having a lot of fun. great shots congratulations
I appreciate that you let us know these beautiful images
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid weekend. enjoy it a lot

Thank you, my friend.

Have a great Sunday.