Disabling Ads Blocker While Using The Sportstalksocial Front End

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Greetings to you all, I sure do hope everyone is doing well. It's been a long time since I made a blog post due to my tight schedule. My daily life activities have really choked me up that I barely get much time for myself, but I know very soon I'll have time on my side.

But that aside, I've always picked out the slightest minutes to hours to explore sportstalksocial, I've invested in this community to show my ultimate support by buying, staking, and curating through this front of the community. Some weeks ago we had a new system rolled in, where proposals could be created by anyone and all community members with stakes in SPORTS could vote for or against it. While I am so much delighted by this, even though I may not be the most vested HIVE user, simply not the most genuine but I know how much I care about this space, only the future can tell how my stay here would actualize and how HIVE would revolutionize the world at large.

That said, this is NOT a proposal, but a DEMAND rather! After the proposal to run ads through the sportstalksocial front end was created by @patrickulrich of which the community voted in and was officially announced Passed by @sport-gov account seven days ago.

A great applause to all community members and team for this, but there's something I notice along the line, well at least on my side but I suppose a great number of people may be in these same shoes.

After the proposal to launch ads on the sportstalksocial front end was announced Passed, I believe I'm not the only one who may have been looking out to see them running, but sadly or should I say ignorantly I didn't, until today!

Disabling Ads Blocker While Using The Sportstalksocial Front End


The motive to have ads running on the sportstalksocial front end was to help the community gather some revenue majorly to buy back sports from the markets to either burn or just keep them away from the markets I suppose, but whichever way that would work, I couldn't see any ads running for some days now and I honestly think it was already up and running but I couldn't see them, weird right? Well not totally!

It may have been running but I just discovered I was at fault for it. You see most of us use Brave Browser, I know a huge number do, I basically do all the time, and as Brave is designed to automatically block ads from all websites unless default settings are changed. I had to discover I was on ads Blocker while using the sportstalksocial front end and that shield my usage of the website free from ads, that's a cool thing on a normal note, but for a website paying me for my usage, it wouldn't be fair not giving back to the community. I switched to Chrome and noticed the ads were up and running, but when I dashed back to Brave, it was all shield, and this totally renders the proposal, implementations and all community efforts a waste. So for this reason, am demanding that brave users should disable their ads Blocker while browsing through sportstalksocial front end, this will help the community gather revenue to properly execute this project, and by this raise the community to a higher stand, while also building a healthier community token.

Thanks for reading, you can easily disable this default function if you're a brave user, just so you know, it will only apply to Sportalksocial front end, all other preferences will be at default, so you'd still be safe from dangerous ads. And now I'd love to take this chance to ask how trustworthy are the displayed ads on Sportalksocial front end? That's in terms of investing purpose, any team member to answer this I'd really appreciate, thank you all again.

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I think was spread a bit more often in LeoFinance where the ad money goes to buying back tokens and burning them. This is essentially what we are doing but we have yet to decide whether it will all go towards burning or to some other proprosals.

I disabled my brave shield on this front-end but I dislike the variety of ads since it's pretty much all gambling. I hope some sports businesses take notice and we have some of them replaced with sports related ads.

The betting ads are totally find, I mean that's what one should expect on every sporting websites, and it's not like that's the only ones running, more and diverse ads will be displayed afterwards, that I know.

Yea I know that betting ads aren't that bad. Most of the ads were about the gambling crypto sites so it was getting kind of old. I just thought that having some actual fitness or sports related sites advertising would match the site better.

I get your point, it will surely be rolled in

We need to inform people about this more, shared your post!

Appreciate it, I just realized this and couldn't hesitate to share ;)

I use brave as well...
Still can't understand it completely but it's giving me some tokens now and then...

Namaste 🙏

This is something even i faced. I guess thats a great idea and we need to make some more noise about this