Proposal Results For: ~~Proposal for Advertising Changes~~: Passed

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Result: Passed
Title: Proposal for Advertising Changes
By: @patrickulrich

Users For: 100.0% (52.25142527274103 GP Total):
@ervin-lemark with 0.09411190418589402 GP
@patrickulrich with 1.7706926185979748 GP
@automaton with 0.4242925572628401 GP
@coffeelovers with 0.19480198764587037 GP
@edkarnie with 4.720861611643796 GP
@costanza with 0.006945607517914763 GP
@sportsgeek with 0.04831511668637891 GP
@pele23 with 0.696395052619467 GP
@niallon11 with 0.008207529846909846 GP
@zahidsun with 0.6934270877878063 GP
@chekohler with 0.12809155029107544 GP
@nathen007 with 0.001719882608849271 GP
@dudeontheweb with 0.000651547119231395 GP
@xak with 0.574301771624235 GP
@sportfrei with 0.19133216033388412 GP
@anderssinho with 0.1056791469315511 GP
@curtwriter with 0.028937031698691024 GP
@menoski with 0.00014254430499556335 GP
@cryptoandcoffee with 0.020337675877558206 GP
@shortshots with 0.00017431963193857025 GP
@dalzphoto with 3.2326223970491244 GP
@actifit-peter with 0.2266705934148315 GP
@marvinix with 0.013251213464459842 GP
@michealb with 0.16175842604472915 GP
@erikahfit with 2.298585244019776 GP
@hersi007 with 0.02996928024865347 GP
@fitcoin with 1.253680723468162 GP
@saachi with 0.04605088154406035 GP with 0.1632457915055187 GP
@tomlee with 0.24897119150261846 GP
@abh12345.sports with 0.9585103915314613 GP
@splines with 0.8522390994990745 GP
@actifit.sports with 0.08985511749388532 GP
@sportcheck with 0.005578159731359674 GP
@rezoanulv.sports with 2.631339727955247 GP
@apostlevincent with 0.2879938670629492 GP
@dfacademy-sports with 1.2549430177071539 GP
@claudio83.sports with 0.11132188548174117 GP
@cryptoandsports with 3.8938173840077637 GP
@mk-sports-token with 4.057988847744653 GP
@sports.alfa with 0.06931217039663973 GP
@uyobong.sports with 5.272728159878107 GP
@fun.sports with 0.42506355187708056 GP
@costanza.sports with 0.24432062697288523 GP with 4.428349378401085 GP
@toni.sports with 2.4530634395652626 GP
@bozz.sports with 1.7779286588495968 GP with 0.2838842215189078 GP
@arsenal4life with 0.18295145724888834 GP
@devann.sports with 0.36751331512549135 GP
@cabinet24.sports with 0.19032750732861634 GP
@majorleague with 0.7475330397420009 GP
@cryptosimplify with 0.02229577082319204 GP
@ctpsb with 1.368597473593928 GP
@ph1102.sports with 0.5364713286888663 GP
@aiovo with 0.03991237940288478 GP
@mvl2304 with 0.0151582815698149 GP
@jfang003 with 0.006358430123774009 GP
@espandor with 0.27808019942200063 GP
@ykretz.sports with 0.0772595423195859 GP
@amr008.sports with 0.30809884832836143 GP
@hykss.sports with 0.48327485595166697 GP
@scholaris.sports with 1.1451306909182766 GP

Users Against: 0.0% (0 GP Total):

Proposal for Advertising Changes is considered Passed

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Great job everyone. Now we need to decide as a community how to use these funds. Do we wish to use them to buy back tokens or for projects we have in mind?

I believe it's better to burn them off to reduce the supply . It will support the prices which of seeing positive growth.

I think proposals are also a valid use case. On @patrickulrich's VIMM stream, he mentioned that he wanted to onboard more users by having a sports trivia or quiz using more than just SPORTS token. By introducing this place as somewhere people can discuss sports and promote it amongst SPORTS lovers.

Burning tokens does increase the price but we still need to onboard more users.

Certainly this is what it should be used for. Maybe we anticipate another proposal for this.

Yes @patrickulrich has a few proposals in mind for the community. I don't know if it will be the burning SPORTS proposal or the ad revenue first. It could also include the diesel pools once it is released.

I can't wait to have them surface so we can start burning millions of SPORTS daily. $0.01 SPORTS on my mind.

That's an easy call to make. Get some funds rolling in as fast as possible.

@patrickulrich congrats

Seen that you also supported the proposal. Thanks very much.

Of course, I did. My vote isn't worth much yet every bit counts :)

Great win for the STS community! @patrickulrich will you do monthly report showing the revenue that comes in then?

When I talked to him last , he stated that he will post it every month .

Monthly report makes more sense to me.

The a-ads minimum withdrawal is 0.001 itseems so we must aim to reach that every month at the least.

If 0.001 BTC is achieved in the first month, that's decent and can buy off at least 500k SPORTS at present rate.

We didn't hit the first month at that level but we made it a bit over half way. I'll have a report out today about it.

We don't have to reach that each month but that's what we have to reach cumulatively before they'll payout on chain. The payout will happen automatically at 0.001 and go straight to the swap.btc deposit address for @sports-gov.

Oh yeah got it but I was stating we should aim at reaching 0.001 BTC every month ( meaning we gotto aim at bringing that much traffic )

Lol 100% consensus now that’s something you don’t see everyday

With this , it shows that the product so proposed for was anticipated by the entire community. Users really want this community to grow.

But it's actually not really true, if you were against it you could technically just not vote because the outcome would be the same. I think it would be more fair to have the system setup to start with 100% is against, and when people vote for the % change. Don't know if you understand what I mean ^^

Yeah I get that you'll never get 100% participation because people might not see it or care, but that's not the point, its 100% of those who actually bothered to participate

Congrads man! @patrickulrich

This is surely a good thing and it will go a long way in helping Sportstalk

We can see already that the community is rising up. Engagement now improving and new huge investors joining us.

Congrats, you were upvoted from this account because you were in Top 25 engagers yesterday on Sportstalksocial .
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I just bought 20000 sports token and
staked them. I love sports.
My favorite sport is football. 💚

Congrats, you were upvoted from this account because you were in Top 25 engagers yesterday on Sportstalksocial .
You made a total of 1 comments and talked to 1 different authors .
Your rank is 24 .
For more details about this project please read here - link to announcement post
You can also delegate and get weekly payouts.

Thank you so much.
I will check your post.

You are most welcome , keep engaging with others from sportalksocial front-end and get rewarded.

20k SPORTS is amazing and a great way to build for the future. A journey of a thousand mile starts with one step.

Glad to hear that! Hope you can use it to contribute to the community =)

nice. congrats.

This might increase the burning to a great extent. A simple decision by the community .

What about tax? When will that be introduced?

Hopefully a new set of proposal is coming out for that purpose. 50%, 25% and 10%. Let's see how it goes.

Hope this will be introduced in the upcoming proposals. We can't manage to do all changes at the same time :)

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Another great success here. Second proposal passed. We now anticipate more burning of SPORTS off the market with this new proposal.

Will be fun to see the monthly updates on the ad revenue =)

We all want to see ads. :)
Let's get the ball rolling.

First time ever I want to see ads xP