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I have been in a position where I actually planned doing for exercise every day but I wasn't constant in it that it got to an extent where I couldn't go at all.

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Although the dictionary gives us a perfect meaning of exercise which we can't doubt they are all right I would say exercise is any bodily activity that we do in order to maintain our physical fitness, emotional, and our wellbeing.

Exercise, as we all know, is good but what makes us see the result of our everyday exercise is when we are consistent with it. We tend to see the aftereffect of exercise when we are consistent with the exercise, no matter how small or how many minutes we use, if we learn to be consistent, we will have a perfect result. If we plan on improving our fitness and seeing significant improvements, consistency is the only key that can give us that result

The question is how do we become consistent in our exercise since we know most times, things may pop up into our lives that will give us no time for our exercise,

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There are some tips that can help us be consistent in our daily exercise. We all know how we work or better still how we want to work, so the number one thing is to make a schedule for ourselves, let your time for exercise not be placed in-between time that is not favorable to you.

Make a workout format that is suitable for you and your lifestyle, a workout that fits what you need in your physical appearance.

Start small: So many people are so intrigued by what others do that they forget that what they want can't be what others need. So for those who are not into sport or any training as a profession, it is advisable we start with a baby step. Don't rush into it so you don't run out of it. Start with what makes yearn for more. Something fun-like. You could start by been committed for 30 Days to a particular exercise before going to the next one and the next and the next.

Adhere to the workout format, mark it on your calendar, let nothing shift your attention, take it slowly, step by step like you are instructed to.

Don’t skip a day: We all know how most days can be so hectic and bad for us, but that should never make or stop us from not exercising that day that is why itis advisable that our exercise schedule should be fixed in a way that we won't be so stressful when the time comes.

Send yourself a reminder and never make excuses: When something is important to us, we either tell someone to remind us just in case we get to forget about it. So it is with exercise as long as we want a significant result, we should be ready to pay the price. Set an alarm before your actual time of exercise to help you prepare yourself and mind for the task that is ahead. A daily reminder should be added on your phone or to-do list telling you the exact your exercise time is coming up.


I agree doing exercise daily by being consistent makes it easier to do. I used to run every second day and need to get back to doing it again.

You sure need to go back doing it. It really helps.

I couldn't agree more. There are people I know that are occasional visitors to the gym and while this is better than doing nothing it isn't ideal. There are big social groups out there called R.E.D. (Run Every Day) that the idea is to start a run streak. You don't have to do the best, you aren't competing, you don't even have to run. The idea that is hell or high water, you get out there and do 1 mile (1.6km) of movement every single day. It's not a chore to walk 1 mile is it? Also the benefits are outstanding and I know a bunch of people that feel and look a lot better from doing this very small amount of exercise every day.

You are right, we don't need to do much, but just do the little we can and be conssitent with what we do.