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RE: Sportstalk Curation Showcase

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It is very kind of you to mention this server.

Sport has always been an integral part of my upbringing; but in my maturity stage, it has become a never-ending source of satisfaction. I always dreamed of being a sports writer and #Hive has given me the opportunity.

I am grateful with you to be able to note my contributions, I have no choice but to say goodbye in gratitude.


My pleasure to support everyone who contributes to sport and you are doing an amazing job over there. I am very happy we are overlapping like this as it is adding to the overall quality for everyone to see. If you have members on your site who haven't joined the @sportstalk site yet please let them know and to include the #sportstalk tag when they post. Thanks again to you for what you are doing.

We will gladly include an ad in our weekly Friday magazine, where we choose the best 7 posts of the week. Our community was born to support Spanish-speaking creators, but many of them already write in your community as well. In fact, they found out about your site through comments in a post made several months ago. But it's always good to let the newcomers know about your alternative. So, count on our support!

Glad to see your dream coming true, through hive and the Sports Talk Social community.