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I saw the way PSG played against Bayern Munich and my goodness those guys are the bomb, they're fast and tricky and superisingly im happy we actually got Madrid, its very possible for us to actually win the game, I mean if we played to our full strength. Nevertheless I still think we're caught up with a lot of fixtures and playing City too is kind of scary. Anyways United beat them this season. I think it'll be good to make top four and at least win the FA Cup.


ALL I can say we have some great football for the next couple months. The citizens look favorite to win everything unless they are tired or PSG wants it more. Chelsea needs to win something this season. Real is not bad at all. They are closed to the same team that won UCL three times with Zidane. The core guys are still there. Hey you never know. Benzema never scored in Champions League. Who knows?


You're right, Madrid can easily win on their good day, butt like you said it would be good for chelsea to win something I guess this season to crown their efforts for all the scintillating football they have played thus far under Tuchel. Hopefully we would take any of the UCL or FA cup.

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