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RE: OCD Sports Tribe Curation Incubation Program

in Sports Talk Social3 months ago

This is a great way and a great direction for the community. I don't like seeing an actifit post being rewarded as a sports post. Fitness and sports are two different things. Needless to say that it's becoming the majority of
The post is seen on the platform .its making the platform less attractive.

I think actifït posts should be discouraged from being posts on the platform.

The only fear I have is the backlash. I have less than 1 million sports staked and these actifit posters have more sports than I do.

I hope the community stands as one and enact these changes.

Also, I feel the quality of posts on the platform is increasing as I didn't get one upvote from OCD last week. it shows competition and quality and that's good for the platform.

Also, I suggest a downvote bot which will allow for the downvote of non-sports-related or none sportstallsocial community post.

What do you think @cryptoandcoffee?