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RE: OCD Sports Tribe Curation Incubation Program

in Sports Talk Social3 months ago

but I must admit personally they earn their own tokens already and not a fan of this idea getting bonus sports rewards as well.

I don't actually mind that tehy earn sports but they do make the whole site seem spammy and no serious sports fan will join the tribe while 90% of the posts are actifit.

I love using my actifit but they could really do with figuring out a new mothod of rewards as a daily post isn't really fit for purpose in it's current form but that is for another app.

IMO for sports to grow it will need to be a place where people log into seperately and not just browse on

Whatever it needs to become it's own entity is debatable but that should be the end goal over this year. Create a site that people can join, spend time, earn tokens and all without leaving the site.


I'm using the sportstalksocial UI, but true it's a bit bugged and not really "nice" to use.

Yeah we need a remake of the Sportstalk website. I think we should not maybe discard actifit, but maybe not have it shown with the rest since it can look weird for newbies that come to look for example football news etc

I would love to keep it on a separate feed somewhere that didn't show in th emain posts but not sure if that is possible.