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RE: SPORTS TODAY 25th April - 1 HIVE + 200 SPORTS givewaway

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Again Pakistan v Zimbabwe in the T20 series, live score, Zimbabwe 101 chasing 161
Sportsbet has then 50/50 at the moment (see below), with 9 wickets in hand, I would say Zimbabwe can make it, we'll see it works out to be 1.6 runs per ball, which is doable with 9 wickets in hand.


Did you bet on any of the event ?

didn't bet, lucky too, as I would have lost, I usually aren't good picking winners so best to commentate rather than lose money too! ha

Lol. I guess not taking the bet was the best choice. I don't know enough about Cricket to make a bet.

So who won the game ?
161 is not a big score to chase in T20 so I guess Zimbabwe made it through ?

Pakistan in the end won, Zimbabwe only made it to 141.. lucky I didn't take the bet!