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I know many expect a difference outcome for this venue. So far Premier League clubs
are the best this year. Arsenal may not carry it all tomorrow but they will play for the opportunity.
Clearly Manchester City looks as the favorite as Chelsea the underdog. Knowing they will play this coming Saturday, I will be thrilled to see how this regular match is played.

If you remembered the last Premier League match played by the Citizens, they played a whole
difference squad compared to the one on Tuesday. This team can be scary if they want to. They can easily play in two venues and still bring the W. It shows how good Guardiola is believing in the squad.
He hardly sub the players showing they play with poise.

I am not putting Chelsea in the corner like they are not worthy. They have a solid defense. Chelsea has too many strikers. Havertz played a tremendous game and he should not miss that goal. Kante in the middle is fast, it will be a duel for both teams. Mount looks quiet when opportunity appears, he will score. Glad to see Pulisic was part of the second goal. He is an American but he can play.I know Tuchel could play a different squad with a difference formation. They won against them for the FA Cup finals match so it will be a game to see how both managers will make sure the game is played properly.

Real Madrid is not PSG. This time I do not see how they were going to beat Chelsea when there is no
real threat. Benzema was not going to beat a team by himself. Chelsea's defense is strong like never. Watching the game you feel like the players have space but it is more they are tactically good so they make the space. It was a beautiful game where Chelsea should score 5 goals easily. Courtois is tall even on the ground.

PSG was not ready to compete against City. No Mbappe the team was flat. Neymar knew he was not going to do anything to get hurt just by himself. Di Maria is Di Maria, running way too fast and got tired
late to get a red. Anyways another mediocre year for PSG. Both teams lost by two goals.

I wrote a post not long ago it will be a Premier League affair. Indeed it is.I am going all in with Chelsea. This year City will take Premier League and took the EFL cup. Chelsea will take FA CUP and UCL CUP. So far not a bad year for both teams. It looks more United to take the Europa League.
For the past couple of seasons English clubs have proven to be worthy to be the leaders in European Football. It remains to see if England can win something in this Euro2020.

Is your team still compete for something ? Actually La Liga is wide open for three teams to grab it.
This year Football is very promising.
Stay put


I'm so proud of English teams this season. Their success in international competitions is just amazing. Gone are days when Spanish sides dominated.

For the Champions League, I think Chelsea will be the victors.

Not an easy feat but Chelsea should be victorious.
Watch their last meeting this Saturday for EPL
and you tell me.

I remember the post you wrote saying it could be an all English thing. I remember saying I think the tittle belonged to Psg or Man City. Now I really think Man City would win but they have only a 60-70% chance in my opinion. I can't wait to watch this final.

Yep you are right and City is looking good
But Chelsea should do the best to win it all
this time.
I know Chelsea won it once and City never.
Saturday watch this match for the EPL
At least we will see how the finals will go.

Yea, luckily for most of the world we get to have a taste of the drama just this Sunday, isn't this really amazing and dramatic? What a time for a premier league match between the two, just when they're about to play in the finals!😃

I'm sure the whole world would be watching that match, I can't wait to watch it and then compare it with the final when the final comes✌️

Collectively Chelsea are currently the most dangerous side in the world, it's surprising to think Lampard nearly took chelsea to the relegation zone with this side and how things have turned around.
I never thought the defence will silence Real Madrid that much and my goodness it was beautiful, we need to focus on beating city now.

I am city fan and as a city fan,I don't know what to say because Chelsea are also pretty good,but still we have to fight to get the first champions league in our club's history.

It will be the most advanced tactical game ever.
City will manpower Chelsea but it will be epic.
This match could finish 2-2 and penalty will give it to Chelsea.

All English. I never wanted it but it is what it is. Madrid was a shadow of themselves yesterday.
Europa League might give us All English as well. Fingers crossed to see what will unfold today.

Europa is not going to due to Arsenal playing hurt all year.
Chelsea is my team so
Let's go Chelsea!

They still tried anyway.
Congrats for reaching the final!👍😄

it is impossible for me to detach myself from the soccer league this year.

You have a lot of soccer this year to watch. Summer time will be Football time.
Stay put

Stay at home like this to watch the soccer league haha.
I like you a lot and I'm going to follow you.

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I am proud of Chelsea. What a great performance.

The performance should keep them rolling and rolling.
Chelsea needs to hold on fourth place as well.

I think they have a better shot for the EPL next session

I have no doubt that Chelsea will be the champion.