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If you need a way to forget a little about crypto, June is the perfect month
to look for. Wherever you are, there should be something playing for you.
In the states we are loaded to begin the Summer like month. Great weather.
Playoffs basket ball. Baseball is moving up quite well with fans. This is the past
time sport of America. American Football training camp is starting for new players.
And for the world, Football will get busy in less than one week. We want it, now you get it.
What will be your favorite event to watch?



I had a chance to see France handling Wales. It was night and days for the two teams.
Wales are loaded with players all over Europe. Unfortunately meeting with France was not plausible. I think they are preparing for the EURO2020. Looking at each pool, you can start playing the regular guessing game to see which teams will advance to the next round.
Already I am thinking of the World Cup and see where problems will start.


Group A I wish not to waste your time. Italy and Swiss are the favorites. Wales and Turkey I do not know much about them. Group B is a little problematic. Belgium should be the favorite. Russia did play well in 2018. Can they repeat? Denmark and Finland, not sure what they will do. You guys can help in here.
Group C I am definitely blank after Netherlands. Ukraine and Austria should go for second. Group D will be a group to watch for. England should be a clear favorite. Croatia can steal the show. I am just saying. Scotland will play England tough. Czech??
Group E Spain should take it easy and Sweden will follow. Any surprises with Poland and Slovakia?
Group F is the craziest of all the group. I am not saying a word cause it is too tight. Only France could take first and let the fight begins.

Event like this is spectacular cause the players are tired from the leagues duty. No real training and they have not played together for long. Individualism always show itself throughout the event. If you recap from last Euro, Portugal took everything. This year England should find a way to win something. France can easily repeat but I am not so sure. Belgium may show some interest along the way.

Going all over the new World, we will have Copa America. Brazil will host the event due to issue from Argentina. It will be less teams than Euro and the usual suspects will be there. This event may not happen. You know TV deals are so lucrative, it may happen as plan.
Here are the teams


  1. Argentina
  2. Bolivia
  3. Uruguay
  4. Chile
  5. Paraguay


  1. Colombia
  2. Brazil
  3. Venezuela
  4. Ecuador
  5. Peru

Looking at group A, you can easily put Argentina up front with Chile to follow close. Paraguay and Uruguay can give problem if they score first. They are very good defensive teams. Bolivia is by himself. Group B is all for grab. Starting with Brazil and Colombia. Peru, Venezuela and Ecuador will be huge spectator. Usually we have 12 teams for this event. Again I am not sure if Copa America will take place.


NBA playoffs are almost over this weekend for first round. Lakers are in trouble. No AD, I think LeBron may go fishing early. That lost to Phoenix is the worst a Laker team can witness in first round. Tomorrow I will see if they really meant what really happen to them.
Tonight Hawks sent Knicks packing. You can sense the playoffs when trash talks are common.
I am telling you trash talks are the way to know the players are serious to show their skills.

The best series everyone should be looking for Bucks vs Nets. I think the winner could win the whole thing. Lakers without AD are done. Clippers should manhandle Mavericks. It is unfortunate Luka has a back issue. Denver is pushing Lillard too much. Poor guy scored 55 points and lost the match. This is madness. Jazz will advance and 76ers did handle their business in five. Second round will tremble more knowing only true contenders are advancing to second round. Hopefully there will be enough space for us to watch Football, basketball. Lucky for the vacationers this month.
Enjoy your preferred sport


I think there's a whole lot of excitement to that Group A because normally Argentina looks strong on paper with the likes of Messi and Aguero but then Uruguay with Suarez and co plus Paraguay can sting some suprises too. However group F is where the group of death is, I'm tipping France to go all out and win.

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So much matches to watch and some will be late. That would be calamity if Argentina misses.
France could be the tipping point for this tournament.
Next season you will see a lot of players moving in and out of rotation.
Rest is very important.

And we can not wait for the actions to take place.

One more week to watch enough NBA before Football go crazy.
Hopefully Lakers can win tonight, otherwise it will be a dull playoffs
with the Nets winning all.

Let's name this months...SPORTS Month.
All attention will be on sports as it will bring a little distraction from cryptomarket.

In the European Championship I am going to give France a vote of confidence, it looks strong. And in the Copa America, although my Venezuela must be measured against many greats, I cannot put aside my Vinotinto. Greetings

Venezuela has nothing to lose. So they will show up strong.
I want to see England pushing farther in the Euro2020.
Will see if The Copa America will take place in Brazil

That's right, brother, we'll see what happens, let's wait for the meetings. Greetings

I'm looking forward to group F performance

Group F is loaded. Germany, Portugal and France will manage. Hungary I feel sorry for them. They maybe the team that give away 3 points to everyone. IF Hungary can manage a draw. It will be the difference maker.

I'm sceptical if Portugal will make it to the next round, just saying thou.

After seeing France play wales and seeing the form of players like Benzema, Pogba, Kante and Griezmann. France is my favourite team for the Euros.

I am not confident about the top striker for the German side.

England has a way of having good individual players but nothing to show for it. How can a team have Kane, sterling, Sancho, Dele, Maguire, Arnold and Gomez and still can't coordinate themselves to win?

I love Ronaldo but the french men are ready to go undefeated with that squad.

Happy to see Benzema back in the top 11.
Germany from the early exit from the world Cup, they need to revamp
going forward.
England has a way to show up but you do not know who will lead them.


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Yes, my friend, this summer will definitely be very busy for sports today here in South America, apart from the qualifying rounds for the Qatar 2022 World Cup and I think the events to watch will be the Eurocup and the Olympic Games, two events, let's say Almost unmissable. My favorite for Euro France has a great team and individualities that they can resolve at any point in the engagement. While today to link our soccer team with everything we need those three points.

I forgot the Olympic games and not sure if it will happen.
Everyone wants France to succeed from last World.
Another team could step up to win this one.
Do you have a favorite team for Copa America this year ?


Let's hope that the Olympic games can be held and if France has good rivals such as: England, Spain, Belgium and of course the current champion Portugal and the America Cup, they must say it between Brazil and Argentina.

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Good morning sports lovers I think France team are ready to go on winning. I mean unbeatable.

It looks obvious for the French.
Croatia should show 2018 play for this Euro.
It will be a fun Euro.

Truly the team can come back like that of 2018, but France has a strong team to fight for the trophy

Sports packed month. Excited about the euros and Copa America

Will be following group F closely and will be rooting for France and portugal to make it out of the group.

France is the team to beat in this tournament. Will be tipping France or Belgium for the title.

For Copa America, tipping Brazil for title. Group A is however a tough one, Uruguay and probably Argentina should make it past the group.

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I see that you are ready.
It will be happening for both events that only the most ready team will win.
Training is scare so individualism mixed with team spirit will prevail.
Croatia can tip the map if they continue their quest.
Brazil always the favorite but I wish Messi wins something.


Anything is possible. They almost did it at the last world cup. I don't expect much from them but would love some surprises.

Yeah, its high time messi and argentina win a national trophy. Its long overdue. I hope they don't face Chile at the finals though :-)

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You are welcome.

Man, it's going to be exciting! I myself live football the most. Group F of Euro2020 is just mad! The thrill is too much there! France, Germany and Portugal all in one group. I think Hungary is doomed to go home without a single point 😂😂

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Well, the Euros is certainly one competition to look forward to. Personally, I still see France as favourites regardless of however their squad members might have suffered with their club sides. The likes of Griezmann, Dembele and even Benzema are names that you just can't write off in France no matter how poor they had been in their various clubs

Group F of the UEFA Euro is going to be nuts. They have 3 teams that are candidates to win this tournament in the same group. France is the favorite in my opinion, but Portugal also has a lot of potential and Germany usually manages to have a good performance.

Regarding Copa America, I think it will take place and the winner will be Brazil. I don't see any team capable of defeating them. In Europe I believe the winner will be France.

Totally agree sports in the US for people who want to play themselves and spectators is going to be great as the summer weather is now here. I'm from Albany New York, and I remember going to see the NY Giants training camp at the State University just 20 minutes from where I grew up. Was very cool. Keep up the great blog!

Group F is going to be fierce, I'm interested to know how Portugal will make it out of the group stage having Germany and France in the same group.