Since None Won The Prediction Contest, 100,000 SPORTS Prize is Divided for All Entries as a Giveaway

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I made a contest on score prediction of Euro 2020 final game Italy vs England in Wembley Stadium. As we have already known that Italy won Euro 2020 after beating England through penalty kick. They played 1-1 until the end of game. But Italy won the pinalty 3-2 over England. Congratulations to Italy!


There were 9 entries of the contest, unfortunately there was none won the prediction. As the rule of the contest I made, if none win the prediction contest, I will take the prize of 100,000 SPORTS Token as a giveaway. I would divide the prize to all entries.

As there were 9 entries, so 100,000 : 9, then each account will get 11,111 SPORTS Token. Congratulations to all users who have made their entries for contest I made.

The entries are:

@arbi.sportstalk (England 2-0 Italy)
@jersteemit (Italy 2-0 England)
@pthker2010 (England 1-2 Italy)
@jesseekene20 (Italy 2-0 England)
@hykss.sports (Italy 2-0 England)
@erikklok (Italy 1-0 England)
@trostnandia.pob (Italy 1-2 England)
@edenparadise (England 2-1 Italy)
@olaspecial (Italy 1-0 England)

I have already sent the giveaway prize to all entries. Thank you for participating on a contest I made.


Great posting dear sir

Many thanks for the Sports token. Forza Italia

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You are very welcome. Italy deserve to win Euro2020...

I'm glad nobody was right 😂
Thanks for the prize!

Hahaha.. nobody predict draw score..
it was a great match and Italy is continuing unbeaten run

Wow this is fantastic. Thanks for the encouragement.
And congrats to all the winners

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Yeah, none predict 1-1, so I am excited to give all the prize for the entries :)

Painfully I miss that

Appreciation goes to the person who deserved it. Thanks for the token

You are very welcome. Thanks for the entry

Almost welcome boss mate ! Keep doing your good job

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

Just in and I saw your gift razasport thanks alot

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Thanks for the sport token,I must also say the match was a tough,but of all the better team finally won the match and congratulations to all entries, thanks for extending a pure heart of love towards us all

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The match was very tough. It’s a perfect final game. Thank for the entry of contest

Thank you very much, received with gratitude

You are welcome. Thanks for the entry..