Keep The Attacker's Head Down

If you are not sure what the attacker is capable of doing, it is better to make the distance. When you stand at a certain distance, the attacker has to come close to you first in order to strike and hit you. You will have more time to see the attacker's move and make your move to defend yourself.

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In a close range, things can get ugly. There will be punch, elbow, kick, and different strikes. If you are in control or you know what the attacker is capable of doing, you can get close to the attacker and strike him.

Where you are and how far you stand from the attacker can help you with what you are going to do next. If you are good at elbow strike, you cannot use it unless you get to the close range. When you are in a close range, you can grab the attacker. You can grab and put the attacker's head down.

If the attacker punches you, you grab and keep the attacker's head down, he will not be able to punch you on your face. You can use this to protect yourself for the time being. Since you control the attackers' head, you will have more control of his movement.

If you just go and get close to the attacker and directly grab to keep his head down, that might not happen and the attacker will not let you do that. While you are striking and fighting, you can use this.

You should be careful about what the attacker can do in that position. The attacker can try to hit your groin since his head is down. The attacker can grab your legs and make you fall to the ground. So you need to make the distance while grabbing the attacker and stop him from making his move.

Hope you found this useuful. Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to leave your comments below. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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I love your posts on self defence, keep it up, lets hope I never need to use it!

I never thought that by putting the head down, this means they cant hit your, but you are dead right, no one has he flexibility to punch your face when their head is down. Good tip!

It works for the time being. You need to strike the attacker and also need to be careful so that the attacker cannot grab your legs to get you down.