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You know that elbow strike is one of the most powerful strikes. So you want to hit the attacker with an elbow strike. The attacker is not a dummy or punching bag. You put a dummy where you want and it does not move. The most important thing is, it does not hit you back.

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So when you practice different strikes and when you apply that in a fight, that is not the same scenario. You decide to hit the attacker with elbow strikes. To do that, you get close to the attacker. The attacker can strike and hit you before getting in a range where you can do elbow strikes.

Where you are and which position the attacker is, that can help you what to do and how to strike the attacker. You can attack the nearest target based on your distance and where the attacker is. I made a post about Keep The Attacker's Head Down. In a fight, when you grab the attacker's neck and put his head down, you can easily strike the attacker with your knee.

You can do knee charges and hit the attacker when you are close to him and you are in a position to strike him like that effectively. Since you are in a close range, you can do elbow strikes. You can hit the attacker's foot.

When you are in a punching range, you can reach out to the attacker and hit with punches. So you can easily target and strike the attacker. If there is a little more distance between you and the attacker, you can kick him.

See what is close to you and that can become your primary target. Here you are not chasing to strike. You use the situation to your advantage and move your move accordingly. Have an open mind and do not restrict yourself when you fight for self-defense.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to leave your comments below. Stays safe. Always be happy!

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