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RE: Your Confidence Can Make The Difference In A Fight For Self-Defense

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I did some MMA in my younger years. In my first fight I was super confident and lo' and behold I won. In my 2nd fight, my team gave me too much information about my opponent and I got rattled. Mostly I was beaten before it even begun and I lost. By my third and final fight I was so rattled by the defeat that once again, my confidence was shaken and I lost again. I never fought again after that. Confidence is absolutely essential because I don't really think the guys I faced in fight 2 and 3 were necessarily better than I was, they were just better prepared mentally. It is a massive factor in victory.


When you are confident, you can deal with the situation in a better way. In a fight, a fighter needs to take preparation physically and mentally. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!