Linear Rewards Are Coming

After a very positive response from the community, we are happy to announce that SPORTS will be moving curation rewards to a linear distribution starting on December 1, 2020.


Reason for this change

The primarily driver for this change is to improve curation within our ecosystem. As it stands now you are rewarded for being early to like a post if others end up voting for the content you get to first. This was intended to reward curators who found quality content first by giving them an edge with the rewards. Unfortunately with Hive Engine not supporting a reverse auction window it has led to content being voted for speed versus the quality of the publication itself.

By moving to a linear rewards system we hope to encourage our curators to use their voting power to curate based on content's value versus encouraging a system that seeks to front run larger curators who vote after you. Starting on December 1, 2020, curator's rewards will be linearly aligned to the value of their vote.

Burning Rewards

Another incentive we aim to push is the ability to claim curation rewards without using your stake to reward any posts you feel are not worthy of author rewards. To support this mission we will be adding automated comments to the daily curation report from @sportstalksocial. Like all SPORTS rewards from @sportstalksocial, the SPORTS rewards earned from these posts will be burnt removing them from the supply of available tokens. Additionally the liquid earnings earned in the form of Hive and HBD are used to purchase SPORTS from the market and sent to @null as well.

Questions / Comments

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns in the comments below. We are looking forward to this new chapter in the history of SportsTalkSocial and want you to be a part of it!


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this is good news, the inflation though wow thats crazy.

Powerful! Indeed, the cruise just began with SPORTS. Let's all get ready for the pomp. Big investors are coming in as there's nothing to fear about curation. Thanks @Patrickulrich for listening to the community. I'm backing you 100% and will continue to do my best to push the STS community forward. Cheers to all members!

We see Bitcoin price is about to break its last record. It gives a lot of exposure and people will get involved more in crypto. If SportsTalkSocial positions itself in a better way, it is just a matter of time when we see more investors and users here. And we can see a huge change.

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Thank you so much @sportstalksocial for moving to the linear curation curve. Also burning initiative to reduce the SPORTS tokens will help this platform positively and people will be interested to interact more. I think it will have a multiplier effect. Looking forward to seeing how it is going to change and impact SportsTalkSocial!

Yeah, so far, over 10 million SPORTS have been burnt. Will be glad to have over 100 million SPORTS burnt over the next six to 10 months. Let's see as things shape up for the STS community. Glad that we are positioning our selves for the the alt-season ride coming soon.

Lets hope so and I think it will have a big impact as well in a positive way.

Good decision here!

This is amazing news, hope this will get the SPORT users more incentive to curate the good content posted

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Very well. No more upvoting first to earn good curation reward. Big stakeholders will now scout for quality contents to give huge SPORTS value not minding the age as long as it is still within the payout window.

Yeah that right

This is good news, but all of us, sports lovers, are willing to improve all the sportstalk ecosystem with new functionalities, onboarding ideas, etc. What's about that?

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This is a great decision that the sport community ha made and it will help the people in engaging more and giving the community quality contents to earn biggger upvote.

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great news! the linear circuit guarantees higher quality and distribution of rewards

That's right baby I can vote without worrying know

I think those are both good steps to take for the long term vision of the site.
It will allow us more control over our voting and the rewards given out.

This is awesome news!! Linear curation is a great change & will attract even more potential readers/viewers to the community! :) 💜 I have been staking the token & have seen great ROI for it.

Thank you for all you do & look forward to seeing you thrive even more! :)

I've been waiting for this for awhile.

This is truly a good news.

I can't wait to see the effect on the growth on Sportstalksocial

Definitely one good move.

Great decision...sportstalk community is fast growing. Keep up your great you sportstalk.