Therapeutical Run

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I cannot describe how therapeutic running can be, especially in the current moment of the pandemic.
There are already many months with social restrictions and all this is going to last longer and, most likely, in a harder way.

In my city we are almost at the limit of declaring a new generalised lockdown as the cases of covid keeps increasing day after day.

It is very possible that sports facilities like the one I usually go to will close again, for an uncertain time...


I have no choice but to make the most of this wonderful athletic complex.
Today we got back to doing some intense Fartlek workout.

As usual, first 2 km of warm-up at 5'20"/km, followed by:

7 'fast (3'54 / km)

6'slow (5'20 "/ km)

5'fast (3'45 "/ km)

4'slow (5'13 "/ km)

3'fast (3'40 "/ km)

2'slow (5'45 "/ km)

1'fast (3'20 "/ km)


Finally, 1km more of coold-down jog and light stretching at the end.

After the shower, it is like being another man, my brain is I can face again the daily routine.

Keep on running!



And, after the run you smash bulling engulfing patter lol.
Yeah, it is always nice to run and refresh. Do you have any idea what happened to @exhaust? I have not seen any info.

Rest assured that I'm still around. Just haven't had time to look into why things stopped working. My day job is very busy recently.

Hoping to revisit things and renew the project "soon".

Stay tuned.

I can imagine my friend.
Hope everything is fine there.

Oh yeah. Things are definitely good -- just busy busy busy.

Hope you're holding up alright over where you're at!

hahahhahha! yes of course.
I don't know, I read somewhere that also actifit got problems with the HF.
It is always the same, every time there is a Hardfork deployment many apps struggle...
It is still too early to declare @exhaust exhausted IMO

Fortunately my running has not been affected too much by lockdown apart from the lack of parkrun. Even running on a track ought to be okay if you can keep your distance, but then I have heard that you leave a trail of breath particles behind you. I am missing some human contact lately.

Keep running where you can.


Here I am afraid the government is going to apply tighter restrictions... what a bad time.

Every day is a good day when you run.
Kevin Nelson

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