What does your post workout meal look like?

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Leg day was yesterday and had to fill up my belly with lots of protein and some carbs!

What's on my plate?
Left over Thai coconut chicken curry, left over chili, 2 boiled eggs, sweet potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, rice, avocado.

Tell you what, it wasn't just delicious, it was filling and satisfying!


Its totally satisfied meal that you presented for us, 😜😋

Giniling all day everyday!!!! <3 <3 <3

Looks great, I'm about to go to bed and this is making me hungry. Now I will dream about food all night. 😆

wow, that looks fantastic. Normally i just have a protein shake but this looks much better than that!

Many times I choose sweet potato and chicken. Some vegetables and/or mushrooms et voilá.
But after leg day what I really like is to avoid stairs ;)

Oh my that avocado does make me hungry looking at it! And I just ate lunch...LOL