The Kraken Confusion // Revenge of the Chicken

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Peace Dear Splinters,

I am happy to share with you the result of this funny battle. I hope you are enjoying your time.

Let's take a look at the lineup


My strategy was to repair, cleanse and protect my first monster as long as my heavy strikers finish my opponent's cards.

Water elemental faced the dragon combined with the life elemental cards. My chicken was not supposed to survive that long in this battle but it turns out that chicken was ready to take its revenge in the arena.


Assassin poisoned and largely contributed to the successful mission of bringing down the Kraken.


Defender of truth and armorsmith helped the chicken to keep its armor up all the round in this fight. The Kraken was hitting six points strike each round but the armor took each time the damage.

My Battle LINK

Thanks to all the Splinters that keep the interactions in the ranking battle as smooth as we all like. My team selection was based on both defensive and offensive strategies.

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