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Ahhhhh! 😱
I've always been fascinated with bots of all types.
Of course, I love their abilities to make our lives a little easier, but have also been wary of when they are doing all the things.
I know one side of this coin is 'robots do all the things so humans can relax and be creative'. However, the other side (where we are now) is simply that most humans ARE NOT creative and able to relax.
What's that saying...ah yes, "The Devil finds work with idle hands." 😎
I just don't think enough humans are 'good enough' yet to let the robots do all the things.

As for SL, I do worry about the bots here too. Same for all online games. But just goes back to people not being good. Sure, many of us want to play, but there are so many who want to just 'cheat the system' for their own gain.
What to do?

P.S. Thank you so much for curating SL content so we can keep this going!


Wow! @carrieallen. Very interesting your way of thinking, I hadn't thought of it that way yet.

Here, for now, it seems to be okay, but what will it be like when bots easily beat the best human, which already happens in Chess and Go.

In Splinterlands if someone starts to develop better bots, then the real problem will start, will it happen with @jacekw, the same thing that happened with Kasparov and Lee Sedol? :D