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RE: Repetetive reclusiveness

you look so cool. with a body that looks very muscular. You do a lot of fun things. it is very much needed in the current state of the pandemic covid19. we in Aceh are still free to leave the house. but that is only limited, the government does not allow to leave the province. and don't allow crowds. here it is not completely closed. Because most Indonesian people have a low economy.

I hope your days are always beautiful in the covid19 pandemic situation that occurs.


Thank you mate, yeah I get out and about have have some fun hobbies I guess.

We are not as restricted here as other States of Australia although certainly have restrictions. We can move about reasonably freely and I have access to some nice properties where I can shoot a little bit. Sometimes I go there just to hike around and stretch my legs.

We are lucky here in Australia as the country is quite financially stable and most have a reasonable standard of living. We have poverty also of course. I think the COVID-19 situation would be quite difficult in countries that are not as stable and I've seen a few on hive saying they are in quite dire straits. Let's hope it all clears up and we can all move on soon huh?