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Nice fire. Caveman TV

Well, there's shooting of course. Trap shooters tend to be a relaxed group. Skeet shooters tend to be stuck up asshats. IMHO 😂 I can't afford the clothes you need to be a skeet shooter.

Motorcycle riding (not being a biker) and particularly long distance riding. Those boys and girls know exactly why the dog sticks his head out the car window. When that clan gathers it's always a good time. Always a fire or two, depending on the number of participants. Generally camping involved. I've met some incredibly cool people from all walks of life.

There's actually a registry of willing LD riders that will give you a hand if you are stuck on the road. I've been on both sides of that equation and it's pretty darn cool. We also have a registry of <$50 motels. For when you've just got to have a shower and a bed....


Everything goes better with a campfire I reckon. We have had some great campsites over the years and at each one have a fire either for comfort or food. Mostly we camp away from other people in remote areas but sometimes we have been reasonably close to others, a few hundred metres or so, and the fire will often draw in a few stragglers.

I remember one time at a place called Melrose here in the South Australia outback we were sitting around the fire right before dinner. Over walks a lone camper we had watched pitch his tent an hour before some 200 metres away and he had a bottle of red wine in his hands. He introduced himself and asked if he could sit a while. Of course we said yeah, and we had a good old chat.

He was Dutch and making his way Around Australia in a little Toyota Corolla so didn't have much. We offered to make dinner for him, as we making our own, and he sat and shared grilled salmon and a green salad with us, with toasted sandwiches filled with Nutella and stewed apples topped with vanilla custard for dessert. (Toasted in the coals of course.) He was loving it.

Something about a campfire brings people together I think. He took off around 10pm back to his tent and was gone before we emerged in the morning...I can't recall his name but we had a good chat about all sorts of things. It was a good night. Thanks campfire.

No kidding. Campfires bring people together.

We have a running get together at a decrepit California location every year in November. There are often 30 people show up on motorcycles. During the day various people go for supplies (any excuse for a ride) and wood for the fire. The fire generally lasts all night. Some stay late, some (me) are up early. And all are welcome. Some great 'casual' visitors over the years. Two couples now co-ordinate with us and come even though they don't ride :)

There is something special about the fire. Seems to be 'deep wired' into us all!

It comes from caveman days I think...The primal power of fire. I'm writing about this in the #weekend-engagement post on Friday...You'll see if you take the time to check it. Lol.

Well, baring my nephews and nieces becoming crypto owners I'll probably check it out.