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This post was awesome. I have a friend who manufactures ammo and he never explained it like this for me. I bet your tedious attention to detail and doing most of it yourself gives you deeper and a more profound appreciation for each round you squeeze off!

Some of the line design artwork i do can be extraordinarily tedious but i never get bored. I try to zone out and focus. You can check out a few of my older posts to see some examples if you like.

I had an idea i wanted to run by you and get your thoughts on. I know brass is not the most valuable metal... but it's not worthless. I had an idea of a humanitarian for profit charity to go into war-torn and ravaged areas. To have the expended casings of said wars collected and repurposed. To give a majority of the profits back to the regions decimated to help support the local people's with whatever their needs may be. That is the basic premise.

I don't know if it would be feasible or possible. Just an idea that has been ruminating for quite some time now in my mind. I saw a video of a firefight in Syria a long time ago. I saw how many rounds they were blowing through and thought... how much brass ends up just sitting in rubble world-wide and how could the weapons of war be reforged into plowshares so to speak. Any thoughts about why that would or wouldn't work? Thanks for the thought-provoking post!

Here is some Americana country music i highly recommend!


Hey mate, thanks for liking my post, I know so many people don't like guns and so don't respond to my gun-related material, but you have and I appreciate it greatly.

I get a lot of satisfaction from knowing I've created the rounds when I shoot although admittedly, it's more with the long guns than with my handguns. You see, placing a round on-target from a long way off is rewarding and considering the effort that goes into making shots like that...Well, it's nice to know I am responsible for all aspects of that shot from the load development to get the right load to make in the first place, the manufacturing process, determining calculations to make the shot the field firing solution (FFS) and of course, the skills to actually make the shot. I love all of those aspects. It's satisfying knowing it was all on me.

With the handgun stuff I shoot, it's all hectic run and gun stuff which is also rewarding from a different aspect.

Your brass-recycling idea. Yeah, a lot of brass get's used up and pretty much gets left where it lies. I'm just not sure how viable it would be to collect and recycle it; Firstly from the fact it's a war-zone and secondly from an economic perspective. It would probably be easier to simply not have wars and channel the money that go into them to the needy...But that ain't happening either. Wars are too profitable.

Just on that soundtrack...I have it on Spotify. Good tunes. Have you seen the movie? It's kind of cool. I like it anyway. I like many different types of music, not just country, but mostly I listen to modern-country so have generally heard most things. How about you?


Yeah, i agree with you about the wars. It would be best not to have them... but i was just thinking how to constructively turn part of the aftermath into part of the solution. I had a feeling it may not be viable though... so thanks for your insights there.

I am from Texas... so country music has been around since my birth, but i never really liked it until recently. I really like the old bluegrass kind which is why i sent the soundtrack. I have seen the movie and have always liked it. It's a retelling of Homer's Odyssey i believe. I used to predominantly listen to Death Metal... but i am trying to ween off of that.

Of course, being Texan, i appreciate your enthusiasm and interest in weapons. I like the longshots myself. The running and gunning is on a whole other level. Have you seen the preparation videos of Keanu Reeves getting ready for his John Wick roles? I would imagine you and your brother doing one of those courses instead of Keanu and his co-star! hahaha

It's interesting what you say about country music. I used to hate it, but that had more to do with the fact I just hadn't heard the right stuff. I find it to feel more real than the other stuff being put out there, you know...Actual voices and instruments instead if computers. I'm not into the older stuff like Kenny Rogers and co. but I like the bluegrass stuff a lot. My musical tastes are very broad, classical, country, metal, jazz...Basically whatever sounds good to my ears or moves me. I'm happy with that condition.

Yep, seen KR training for John Wick. That's the type of run and gun stuff I do. KR is actually very good at it, but that's not surprising as he trains at Taran Tactical. A lot.

Yeah, country Usually tells a good story. The new stuff is more pop-rock like... so i am not the Kenny Rodgers type... but i do like the old Country Outlaw stuff. There is a band from Norway that does some mean bluegrass. I will post a video here and let you explore further if you want. I had figured you saw those training videos. He really is a beast when it comes to taking his roles seriously. He is one actor i wouldn't underestimate in any way! hahaha

Hey thanks! I'm always open to investigating some new music!

Yeah, Keanu Reeves is one of the very few actors who look like they* actually know how to handle a gun* in movies. Many probably don't notice just how bad actors are in movies when it comes to this...Shooters notice though. Lol.

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