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RE: My (shooting) partner

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Sounds like my wife. She was not into shooting, but has picked it up. We are avid outdoorsman so it seems to come with the territory. I think it’s funny because I love shooting .22 but she like things with a little more bang. She’s a 9mm shooter now.


That's pretty cool! My wife has never fired a .22 as I don't actually own one now but it would have made teaching her to shoot way cheaper! Lol. She loves my .243 culling rifle. I have a Little Bastard muzzle brake on it which makes it nice to shoot, very low recoil. I taught her to long range shoot on my .308 though which she's comfortable with.

Great that your wife gets into shooting also...Makes it easier I guess.

It does. I teach most people on a .22 one because it’s cheap. The next and more important reason is it gets them comfortable handling a pistol. It’s also easier to illustrate that shooting is not like the movies. Even with no recoil most of my first time shooters can hit the target and realize how difficult it is. When I upgrade them to 9mm or .45 they already have the understanding that they are not going to make 100 yard shot from a moving helicopter like they thought lol. I’d love a .308 for long range!

Lol @ 100 yard shot from a helicopter!

I run a .22LR practical competition here...Take a look below.

There's a lot to be said for the .22 as a training calibre, and also in the field.

My range also host .22 comps, but they are pretty standard with no movement. I like the props you guys used. That Jeep with the .50 is a sight!

Yeah, no one is doing comps like these, not here anyway...They are pretty amazing. We work hard at them. Good fun for the shooters. Yeah, the jeep huh? Lol.

It would be cool to shoot off it. Our range does not allow for steel targets are shooting off anything but the pre-existing benches.