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I'm fortunate to have a wife who supports my hobbies, and wants to get involved. It's also cool that she is equally comfortable in a fancy dress and high heels as she is wearing hiking boots in the middle of nowhere. She's a good little chick.

Faith also shoots guns, granted, nowhere near as much as I do, but she is an accomplished shooter in her own right. She's not one of those girls who gets her bikini on and carry's a gun for the sake of a photo for Instagram, although I have got plenty of them over the years...She's an actual shooter. A really good one, and I'm proud of her for taking the time to build her skills.

I started teaching Faith how to shoot about 15 years ago. It started as us just wanting to spend extra time together; She'd come to the range or property I was shooting on and hang out with me. She'd ask questions as I did my thing and as she spent more time with me her questions got more technical. Eventually she got behind the gun and started shooting. It helped that she was naturally good at it, and that she took instruction well.

Within months she was proficient in shooting all of the guns I owned including revolvers, semi-auto handguns, rifles and shotguns. She knew how to handle them, the safety processes, how to load, shoot and make them safe then pack them away. To this day I keep her skills at a minimum level and I'll be honest, she'd put many male shooters to shame.

Below you can see a group shot at 300m (328 yards). She shot these with my .308 bolt-action rifle, 12 shots in total for which I gave her 3 minutes to shoot...180 seconds, so 15 seconds per shot with a change of magazines in there also. This was in training and I wanted to test her when under a little time-pressure.

You can see how tight the group is in comparison to her finger. At 300m every one of those shots would land...Well, exactly where she needed them to.

Ballina Trip_4969_2.jpg

As we were working on building her skills she began to get more interested in long range shooting. I tried to get her more keen on handguns but the aggressive grips I use on my handguns were pretty harsh on the skin on her hands so she prefers to limit the handgun stuff. But long range shooting is something she enjoys.

She became proficient at 700m quite quickly but it wasn't enough to be able to just pull a trigger at that range, she wanted to know how to make the shot, the science. We're still working through that, but I began working on teaching her how to call the wind speed and direction right away. Say 6 mph full-value to Faith and she'll know what you mean.

We spent hours working on wind-calling and whilst her accuracy isn't as good as mine it's good enough for her to call it, input the data to my ballistics calculator and make a shot out to 700m with about 80% accuracy. That's actually pretty impressive - 8 of 10 shots land on the target.

Her accuracy drops off to about 60% at 1000m but not because she's a bad shooter, just because her wind calls aren't as accurate as they need to be. Some work on that and she'll be a 1 kilometre shooter all day long.

Having said all of that, I'd not want to be 1000m away with her trying to shoot me right now because she'd only need a couple of rounds to get it done.

IMG_8234 1.jpeg

Here's Faith the day she hit 700m. If you look carefully in that gap in the trees to the right, above the ammo box, you can see some white targets arrayed out there. The 700m target is the one right at the horizon at the tip of the red arrow.

Below the image shows what she sees through the scope - A different day and scope, but you get the idea. The steel target, also at 700m is the little white thing at the bottom of the arrow point.

Faith isn't into guns. She doesn't talk about them, doesn't call herself a shooter and doesn't ever look at a gun and exclaim about how amazing it looks. She hates the fact I shoot and kill things; She doesn't think I'm cruel of course, because she knows that I am humane when I dispatch an animal, certainly more so than would happen in an abattoir where animals are processed for human consumption. She doesn't like the thought of it though and fair enough.

She enjoys shooting though, and having the skills to do it effectively and safely. We like the fact we can spend time together, most often out in some remote spot, doing something we both find enjoyment in.

We often fly around the country together as I go from event to event. I'm glad to have her along as she is good company and keeps me fed and hydrated and helps to keep things in order: Magazines full, spent brass collected, DOPE cards wiped clean ready for the next stage, ear muffs, scope glass clean etc. All I have to do is focus on my shooting. The other competitors get a bit jealous - Maybe because their partners don't support their hobby. Suckers!

Faith is never going to be a better shooter than someone who does it weekly like me; She just doesn't have the time to spend getting that good - Not that she wouldn't be able to. She doesn't really want to. But she could pick up any of my guns, find the right ammunition and put accurate fire onto a target, all unsupervised. Of course, I have to supervise every single thing she does because she isn't licensed. That's the law, but theoretically, she could do it all herself.

I also like the fact that she can identify guns by looking at them, know what each might be capable of, whether it is a bolt gun, pump action, revolver, semi...Whatever. One never knows when that sort of understanding may pay dividends; A hostage situation maybe - It happens you know, however unlikely it may seem. She can often be heard scoffing at the TV screen in movies these days, at how implausible the shooting is, how bad the grip, no magazine changes etc. She got that from me.

I'm lucky to have a partner who supports me in everything and is willing to join in with me as I do my hobbies. I guess it's one of the things that has kept our relationship so solid over the last 33 years, the ability to support each other.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised.

Be well
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Very blessed to have a supportive wife for your hobbies 👍


Sounds like my wife. She was not into shooting, but has picked it up. We are avid outdoorsman so it seems to come with the territory. I think it’s funny because I love shooting .22 but she like things with a little more bang. She’s a 9mm shooter now.

That's pretty cool! My wife has never fired a .22 as I don't actually own one now but it would have made teaching her to shoot way cheaper! Lol. She loves my .243 culling rifle. I have a Little Bastard muzzle brake on it which makes it nice to shoot, very low recoil. I taught her to long range shoot on my .308 though which she's comfortable with.

Great that your wife gets into shooting also...Makes it easier I guess.

It does. I teach most people on a .22 one because it’s cheap. The next and more important reason is it gets them comfortable handling a pistol. It’s also easier to illustrate that shooting is not like the movies. Even with no recoil most of my first time shooters can hit the target and realize how difficult it is. When I upgrade them to 9mm or .45 they already have the understanding that they are not going to make 100 yard shot from a moving helicopter like they thought lol. I’d love a .308 for long range!

Lol @ 100 yard shot from a helicopter!

I run a .22LR practical competition here...Take a look below.

There's a lot to be said for the .22 as a training calibre, and also in the field.

My range also host .22 comps, but they are pretty standard with no movement. I like the props you guys used. That Jeep with the .50 is a sight!

Yeah, no one is doing comps like these, not here anyway...They are pretty amazing. We work hard at them. Good fun for the shooters. Yeah, the jeep huh? Lol.

It would be cool to shoot off it. Our range does not allow for steel targets are shooting off anything but the pre-existing benches.

May be that's why wife are called "better half" and finding such match is like made in heaven stuff

You might be right...My wife is certainly the better half of our relationship.

Nice write-up, slowly luring me in to want to have a go :)

I think I'd prefer the long-range stuff - Maybe one day, when we are all crypto kings, you can give me some lessons.

When we're crypto-kings Lol.

I love taking people shooting. You know, I have never taken someone who hasn't wanted to do it again. I'm good at teaching people too, not just the shooting but the other stuff like safety, correct handling etc.

Long range is so cool...It's a science really, and for a figures guy like you it offers a lot, not just the shooting.

One day mate, we'll all go.

It does look addictive and something which you'd want to try and improve on.

One thing, I'm a kak-hander. Could be trickier to train?

I bloody knew it! Lol.

Nah, all good...You can trigger with the left. You'll just work the bolt with your right, as it's a right handed gun. You'd have to dial windage adjustment into the scope with your right too. It's not too much of a problem on a rifle. For you I'll work around it. I'll have you out to 1000m within an hour. The science will take much longer. Almost 30 years and I'm still learning.

It's hard for us lefties you know! So much stuff is geared for right-handed people. I play most 2 handed sports right-handed, so I guess as I'm totally new I could learn right-handed with the guns that I don't need to hold.

Someone should open a shop for lefties. You know, left handed paint brushes, cups, screw drivers, knives and forks...😂

Seriously though, they should.

Ok, seriously...It won't make a difference with shooting. Most handguns can be made left or right and working a bolt on a rifle with the left isn't an issue.

In the practical comps I shoot, handgun and rifle, they make us shoot with our weak hand which simulates getting shot in the strong hand, arm, shoulder etc. I can shoot with both.

You'll be fine.

I wasn't told until I was a teen that there were left-handed scissors - fucking fuming I was! All those years of craft where I couldn't cut a straight line to save my life!

I've been beefing up my shoulders, not on purpose, with all this exercise - hopefully with the right coaching they should stand up to the test.

You know they make different shoes for left and right feet yes? Just making sure someone told you. Lol.

I haven't been able to do any weights for a while, I've got some pain thing going on with my left shoulder. Like a dead arm pain in my left outer bicep area when I life my arm up. Like a rotator cuff issue. It's bloody painful. Anyway, has stopped me from doing much and the flu-thing stopped my treatment. I'll get back to it though.

I would love to learn to shoot. People are always suprised at this because it appears at odds with my yogic stuff, eco hippy side. But o counter I am many things and a cliche ain't one of them. I like the practicality of being able to shoot, and having a skill set that enables me to hunt or defend should things really go Pete tong. I'd also like to learn how to weld. And be a blacksmith. I might need another lifetime...

People attach a stigma to firearms but I think it's not legit to do so. They are not bad, some of those that misuse them are though. Anyway, enough about that, I never feel the need to defend or justify them.

It's a skill and yes, in certain circumstances it can be a very good one to have. It's not like on the movies where someone who has never seen one before picks one up and it's all good...Although I'm sure there's many gamers who feel totally accomplished because they played some game that had a gun in it.

You know, Faith is a girlie girl, does yoga, is vegetarian, likes looking good, smelling nice...You know...But she gardens, camps, shoots, wears high heels and boots, cargo pants and slinky dresses. It's possible to do many different things and to be multi-faceted. She does it, I do it...Life is too short not to do what we want to. But yes, a couple lifetimes might be required to get it all done.

You should go see your local club when you get back, shoot some guns and see how you feel about it.

@galenkp wow! Sharing the same hobby is a good one. I love that.

Awesome shooting. I'd take that group and be proud any day! Very lucky to have her with you! My wife doesn't care to shoot guns at all, but is at least supportive of my enjoying it. Actually suits me just fine, because I generally prefer to shoot by myself, one of my ways to just get away. I'll shoot with others maybe once or twice a year, but otherwise just enjoy my own private time and detach.

I hear you about shooting alone. It's a nice time to find some alone-time and focus on doing what you love, detaching too. I guess drone flying give as you that also.

His wife has a lot in common with mine, she also likes to shoot, although we don't have long weapons. as a boyfriend she was the one who won the stuffed animals in the amusement park.

The dexterity you have when shooting and the knowledge of weapons is incredible, it is true what you say, one never knows when you can need the information

Enjoy your free time dear friend @galenkp have a beautiful Sunday

I was terrible at those amusement park shooting galleries as a kid...But I have some skills now...I reckon I'd win a few stuffed toys now. 😁

I would enjoy shooting but couldn't shoot an animal, i couldn't watch one being shot either. You 2 have great relationship, you enjoy doing a lot of things together, i think i would end up shooting my other half as he would wind me up LOL :)

Many are like that, not wanting to see how their food is processed, still someone has to do it I suppose, or people would not have meat products to consume.

Haha, shooting your other half is not suggested, but I think a few would like to at times. Lol.

It would break into pieces if i had gill watch. Tipping on the edge whether to go vegetarian.
Shooting hubby is in our marriage vows Haha

my wife has been vegetarian for a long time, although she eats seafood. With her it's more the texture of the meat I think. I was vegetarian for the first 17 years of my life as my mum was, but I'm not anymore. Still, I don't eat anywhere near the amount of meat the average person does as neither of us can be bothered cooking two separate meals.

That is one way to get...

a good Spotter 🤣😂🤣🤣
Nice article, GKP!

Thank you, I like to represent firearms responsibly so I hope my posts come across that way. I'll be honest, she's not a great spotter, but is getting there. Lol.

I wish i could go shooting one day but i have to wait until i'm 21 to get one. Or have my parents take me but i don't think that will ever happen.

It's also cool that she is equally comfortable in a fancy dress and high heels as she is wearing hiking boots in the middle of nowhere.

As they say, get a girl who can do both 😆! It must be pretty great to have a partner in what must be a lonely and tiresome hobby. Not to mention the fact that Faith's an incredible shot!

The grouping of hits on that target is impressive, not only showing accuracy, but a consistency in taking the shots as well. Besides that, 80% accuracy rate at 700m is no less impressive too! With good practice, I'm pretty sure she'll be a 1k marksman in no time!

When I met Faith she was almost 16. At 11 she lost her dad to cancer and her mum and Faith struggled quite terribly from a financial, and emotional perspective from then. I think that's what helped to build her strength, resilience, tenacity and spirit which she carried into early-adulthood.

After we met we grew together and because we love each other, and more importantly like each other we tended to do a lot of things together. Of course, we did things separately (like Go-kart racing and American football which I did by myself, but we would always support the other in whatever endeavour they wanted to pursue. The same with shooting. When she started to show an interest in it herself then it just made sense that I roll with it.

Yes, she's a good shot and pings 1000m, a chest sized steel target, with relative ease these days. Of course the science behind it is a whole different thing and we're working through that more slowly.

Still, I think it's just cool that she can do what she does, and enjoys it. Only a couple of my other mates have partners that are even remotely interested so I count myself lucky.

A lucky fellow you are, indeed. Thanks for sharing that story. Cheers and love to the both of you, and take care :-)

I am lucky Zack (Not sure that's your name) and am grateful every day.

Yep, that's my name! Four letters, and a lot of love in between :-)

I figured it was but one never knows these days huh?

True, and the paradox is, I might, or might not be lying :-)

Damn you are a lucky man to have a partner like that to join in the fun with you just don't get on the wrong side of her...haha 😆

I know right? Luckily she doesn't know the combinations to my gun safes so I'm not at any risk there...But one never knows right? I'm a good lad though, do as I'm told and keep her happy. Happy wife, happy life. Lol.

Yep no worries there , that is a good way to be happy wife , happy life is the key motto should be more of that in this world 👍

This is so awesome!!

Yeah, I'm a lucky chap to have found the only person on the planet to have found me attractive, and who has the patience to stick around for 33 years. Lol.

That's definitely hard to find nowadays!

What, a woman who would put up with a nutbag like me? Lol.

Beautiful wife that supports you all the way.

Yeah, she's pretty good value...We've been together for a long time and seem to have a pretty great relationship which works.

Thanks for commenting, I appreciate it.