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RE: Ruger Mark IV from the bench 25 yards

in The Pew5 months ago

Nice piece. You have just created gun envy among the troops here. Curious as to why you were looking at a longer barrel? I missed something somewhere along the lines here, I am sure.

So freaking accurate.




Well, bigger is always better right? lol I was originally going to customize it with an expensive 10 inch Volquartsen barrel and compensator. One, because it looked really cool, and two because it is supposed to be one of the best target barrels available for this pistol. Well after I got it put together, I decided I kind of liked it smaller and would like it even more with a suppressor that would end up crazy long on the other barrel. So, that's the story. Perhaps bigger isn't always better?

I think you are right. It is always the delivery that matters the most. Seems like you really got a handle on that one!

Good luck with it! It's a beauty!