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RE: Ruger Mark IV from the bench 25 yards

in The Pew5 months ago

Well, I'd be pretty happy with that if it was my shooter. (In fact I wish it was!)

The group is good,accuracy repeatable and it certainly looks like something you'd be able to rely on.

Are you going to test other ammo? Subsonic maybe? It would be interesting to see the difference.

A good post showcasing a nice little firearm...One I'd like to own. :)


I did test a few other ammo so far. CCI Velocitors just too darn hot at 1434fps. I don't think the powder even done burning when bullet leaves the muzzle. They were inch and a half to 2 inch groups at 10 yards. My 10-22 rifle seems to like the Velocitors pretty well though. Winchester high velocity not as accurate in this pistol. Had some cheap Remington thunderbolts, also not very good.

I'll probably stick with these CCI Mini-Mag hollowpoints for now in this one. I will likely try some standard velocity and subsonic once the suppressor comes. I've heard the standard CCI round nose come in quiet at just under the speed of sound through these short barrels. Will definitely be doing some posts when the suppressor is in!

Definitely a double thumbs up on this gem. The Mark IV's are also a simple pleasure to take down and clean, unlike their previous versions which were major pain. This one just push button in back, pull out bolt and clean.

You're making a good case towards me getting one you know.

I've been thinking about a .22 for a while, also a decent iron sight rifle, maybe in .243 as it will make it easy from an ammunition perspective considering my culling gun is also .243. I'm thinking for something to use in the advent of my scope going bung.