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RE: My (shooting) partner

in The Pew6 months ago

I would enjoy shooting but couldn't shoot an animal, i couldn't watch one being shot either. You 2 have great relationship, you enjoy doing a lot of things together, i think i would end up shooting my other half as he would wind me up LOL :)


Many are like that, not wanting to see how their food is processed, still someone has to do it I suppose, or people would not have meat products to consume.

Haha, shooting your other half is not suggested, but I think a few would like to at times. Lol.

It would break into pieces if i had gill watch. Tipping on the edge whether to go vegetarian.
Shooting hubby is in our marriage vows Haha

my wife has been vegetarian for a long time, although she eats seafood. With her it's more the texture of the meat I think. I was vegetarian for the first 17 years of my life as my mum was, but I'm not anymore. Still, I don't eat anywhere near the amount of meat the average person does as neither of us can be bothered cooking two separate meals.