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RE: Boring and tedious

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Your 'shooting info' posts are very informative, matey.

As for tedious and boring...
I hear ya.
The labor of love, and and all that...

For me it's painting and making scenery for my table top wargaming..
I made painted this american civil war scenery/house/walls/fences/trees, and then painted up chopstick figures for the soldiers (cast figures are impossible to buy here)

IMAG0004 3.JPG

...I have paid for pre built models, and pre-painted figures in the past (all much better quality than my amateur efforts), but here's the thing - I hate having pre-made/bought stuff on my tabletop.
The enjoyment of the hobby, lessens.

If it's not created from scratch, by me, I don't want it on my table.
Bloody annoying, but that's the way it is..


I like those scenes people create for role-playing games. I had a mate who did it back in the day...It was very impressive and yep, he got the most satisfaction out of creating his own rather than buying pre-made stuff. He did that sometimes, but mostly did it all himself. I also knew a model train guy who did the same...His set up was off the chain...Immense and very detailed.