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RE: My (shooting) partner

in The Pew6 months ago

I would love to learn to shoot. People are always suprised at this because it appears at odds with my yogic stuff, eco hippy side. But o counter I am many things and a cliche ain't one of them. I like the practicality of being able to shoot, and having a skill set that enables me to hunt or defend should things really go Pete tong. I'd also like to learn how to weld. And be a blacksmith. I might need another lifetime...


People attach a stigma to firearms but I think it's not legit to do so. They are not bad, some of those that misuse them are though. Anyway, enough about that, I never feel the need to defend or justify them.

It's a skill and yes, in certain circumstances it can be a very good one to have. It's not like on the movies where someone who has never seen one before picks one up and it's all good...Although I'm sure there's many gamers who feel totally accomplished because they played some game that had a gun in it.

You know, Faith is a girlie girl, does yoga, is vegetarian, likes looking good, smelling nice...You know...But she gardens, camps, shoots, wears high heels and boots, cargo pants and slinky dresses. It's possible to do many different things and to be multi-faceted. She does it, I do it...Life is too short not to do what we want to. But yes, a couple lifetimes might be required to get it all done.

You should go see your local club when you get back, shoot some guns and see how you feel about it.