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RE: Repetetive reclusiveness

in The Pew7 months ago

I read "retentive reclusiveness" initially and was like huh, then decided I better read properly XD

There's going to be a bunch of you coming back to the ranges with lightning reflexes XD


Yeah, I think the first visit at the range for most is going to be quite simple...People unloading whatever they have as fast as possible...And hitting nothing probably. Lol. I'm lucky that I get to shoot still, when I cull which I am doing Tuesday night so for me it's not so bad. Of course I can't be out there with any handguns though so...Yeah, better bring a lot of ammo that first trip back to the range. You think?

Reading properly is a highly-regarded skill it seems. Lol.

I read by word shape. It means I can read really fast, but because some word shapes look similar it does mean that sometimes my brain picks the wrong word and then I have to go back and resolve the actual words which is slow and inconvenient ;D

I often read my wife Faith by brail...Sometimes she doesn't mind...Other times she does...Depends if we're in public or not. Lol.

It's ok, I told her I was writing that...She laughed. I know this because I read her by brail.

I'm a super fast reader and yes, I sometimes miss-read things. I crack myself up sometimes because what I read is not always appropriate. I do the same as you too...It slows me down and i kick myself for not reading properly in the first place. It takes longer anyways!

I handed my blind mate the cheese grater. He said it's the most violent thing he's ever read.