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I try to pick my powder so that if it is double filled, it overflows the case. If I can't, I take a lesson from my muzzle loaders and make and Mark a dowel for proper powder level. I have found one over fill in two decades, but well worth the trouble!

I also like to use a bent paperclip as a feeler to check for internal base cracks in the casing. They seem to crack there first.

When I cast the pistol ballistic Points, I coat them in Alox lube; then push them through a sizing die I made here. I have done 2000 in one afternoon this way.they end up perfectly round (Nopld sag) and to exact size.

Sure beats washing dishes, ROFLOL!



Haha, yeah I think the washing of dishes can't compare to the legitness of tinkering with firearms and stuff. It's great that you always have something on the boil, multiple things probably.

That powder cheat is fast, and better than weighing the sub assembly for powder overcharge. That trick using the paperclip for a feeler guage, was shown to me by an old guy teaching reloading at the gun club. It is best for heavy loads, and 100% needed on my 300 Win Mag. I have heard of using a bore scope to check the brass inside.

I just buy foam plates and we 'picnic', LOL!

Too many projects! I try to limit the nimber I work on, so I can finish some....

I want to build a caseless bolt action rifle. Got it sketched up, should work!


I like the paperclip idea; It's always smart to talk to the old guys and amazing what little tricks on learns. You should do a post on it actually.

It is a most amazing test, quick, and inexpensive. Sure give a good feel of the case, down close to where the primer lives!

I'll put it on my list of projects, LOL.


Another project to add to the other 47,413 you have on the go already.

You've seen my list, ROFLOL! I have about 70 projects, that need a patent search. Working on three of those right now....


Haha, well there's something to be said about keeping busy and with all your projects and your family, your wife to take care of...Seems like you have plenty to keep you going.

I will need to live until I'm 298, just to catch up with myself, ROFLOL!

But, we shall continue with style....