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RE: My (shooting) partner

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It's also cool that she is equally comfortable in a fancy dress and high heels as she is wearing hiking boots in the middle of nowhere.

As they say, get a girl who can do both 😆! It must be pretty great to have a partner in what must be a lonely and tiresome hobby. Not to mention the fact that Faith's an incredible shot!

The grouping of hits on that target is impressive, not only showing accuracy, but a consistency in taking the shots as well. Besides that, 80% accuracy rate at 700m is no less impressive too! With good practice, I'm pretty sure she'll be a 1k marksman in no time!


When I met Faith she was almost 16. At 11 she lost her dad to cancer and her mum and Faith struggled quite terribly from a financial, and emotional perspective from then. I think that's what helped to build her strength, resilience, tenacity and spirit which she carried into early-adulthood.

After we met we grew together and because we love each other, and more importantly like each other we tended to do a lot of things together. Of course, we did things separately (like Go-kart racing and American football which I did by myself, but we would always support the other in whatever endeavour they wanted to pursue. The same with shooting. When she started to show an interest in it herself then it just made sense that I roll with it.

Yes, she's a good shot and pings 1000m, a chest sized steel target, with relative ease these days. Of course the science behind it is a whole different thing and we're working through that more slowly.

Still, I think it's just cool that she can do what she does, and enjoys it. Only a couple of my other mates have partners that are even remotely interested so I count myself lucky.

A lucky fellow you are, indeed. Thanks for sharing that story. Cheers and love to the both of you, and take care :-)

I am lucky Zack (Not sure that's your name) and am grateful every day.

Yep, that's my name! Four letters, and a lot of love in between :-)

I figured it was but one never knows these days huh?

True, and the paradox is, I might, or might not be lying :-)