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RE: Boring and tedious

in The Pew3 months ago

Since I do enjoy a bit of writing on my free time, the boring and tedious bits come while you're editing and checking grammar. The writing part is exciting, but not the rest. I just wish my brain could make less mistakes, or could compute errors on the fly, that would be nice.

And it's not like I could listen to music or a podcast either, since that would throw me completely off what I was doing. But I like to remind myself that the boring and tedious work is necessary to get back to the exciting stuff, before the cycle repeats. Sigh... 🙃


That's true, what you said about the boring and tedious work being required...It's in all aspects of life I guess right? Even Kermit has to do it. (He types like me you know.)

Life is a valley full of ups and downs, as we endure trials and tribulations to get back up, and see the rainbow on the other side. Kermit knows it all too well, given the hardships he had to endure. At the end of the day, assuming you haven't broken your keyboard in half, just sit back, relax... And have a cuppa.